There’s the clinical list of why leaders use coaches and the real reasons. I’d rather tell you the reasons why I’ve paid my hard earned money for coaching and the real reasons why my clients hire me.

But first, let’s cover the dry bits.  Most articles you read about why leaders hire business or executive coaches will talk about structure and accountability, intentionality of thoughts and actions, uncovering blind spots etc.  The list goes on and on. It’s all true.

Other articles will tell you about the results of coaching in terms of improved performance, confidence, relationships, balance etc. That’s all true too. I have seen the results of coaching time and time again.  And yet the leaders who hire me don’t call because they want to invest in becoming better time managers.  They call because they want to grow themselves and their businesses.

Underneath it all, I can boil their reasons down to a few themes common across my male and female clients:

  • An ambition they’ve always had that they don’t understand, which means that no matter how hard they drive, they rarely feel satisfied;
  • Fear they are not living up to their potential as a leader in the eyes of their team, friends and family even if they appear to be wildly successful;
  • Feeling alone with the weight of the world on their shoulders and no one to open up to;
  • Questioning their purpose and future in a “what’s it all about?” way.

These are very human reasons. These are the real reasons leaders hire me.

And here’s why I have hired coaches for myself (I’ve had at least 6 paid coaches since 2008):

When I was a rookie coach with no clientele I hired Leslie Lupinsky, an inspiring master certified coach, who challenged me to dive in and helped me design the path.

I hired Amy Greenleaf Brassert to help me recover from a difficult relationship and flourish (at least for a short time) in the rebound relationship I spent the summer come fall in!

Brigitte Lavoie, Montreal positive psychology coach and therapist, was a crucial partner in helping me persevere thru a longish and successful fertility journey. While we don’t meet often these days, she’s still on my support team when I need her.

Lerae Gidyk, another master coach, helped me right the ship on some life and business issues that I didn’t trust myself to resolve alone post baby with raging hormones and lack of sleep.

Steve Mitten, yet another master coach, offered a build your business program that enticed me.  I did benefit but found the formula to be just that.  Too formulaic.

Jac MacNeil has been my most recent thought partner and coach. I needed her when I was “circling Dallas” on making inroads in PEI/ Atlantic Canada and stalling on my website revamp.  

It’s a long and esteemed list.  And it doesn’t count the many freebies from coach friends and colleagues like Tanya Geisler who are always at the end of the phone in a pinch. Nor does it cover the sound business advice all along from mentors like Angelo Pesce.

Just yesterday, I coached a client who is an awesomely strong woman leader, entirely self-made.  This is her strength.  Finding a way to let others in, whether they be coaches, mentors or friends, is her path forward. I feel privileged to be let in to her small inner circle.

Letting bright lights into my life in the form of coaches, mentors and friends has been my success and saving grace.

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  1. Michael Cullen on July 25, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Lovely website, blog, and insights, Lisa!
    I totally agree with what you have noted and would like to add that not only do coaches benifit from being coached by other coaches and mentor coaches, there is now coaching supervision available to support you as well! Best wishes for continued success, Cheers! Michael

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