What Leadership Books Could Never Give Me

Julie Jones
Julie Jones, Content Strategist at Insight Studio

When I was promoted to a team manager at my company, I picked up  every book on leadership I could find. I read blogs; I listened to podcasts and webinars.  I learned lots of different tips and tricks and soaked up all the  advice I could find. But something was missing and I wasn’t sure what it was.

Turns out, I needed someone to see me as a leader so I could see myself as one!  Someone who could see my unique attributes and help me navigate leadership.  Someone to practice the skills with, to ask questions to, to receive feedback from and talk through insecurities with. Lisa Chandler and Julie Anne Gauthier at Chandler Coaches have done this for me. 

Whether it was the cozy and chic studio in Downtown Charlottetown, or coaches Lisa and Julie Ann’s warm and welcoming presence, my work with Chandler Coaches has felt safe so I could open myself up to growth! It has been the perfect place to get personalized leadership training that is truly having an impact.  

For example, I learned how to identify and express my feelings. This has led to better communication in the office. I’ve found that when the leadership team is open about where they are at, emotionally, we subconsciously grant permission to the rest of the team to do the same- creating a more candid work environment where creativity can flow.

I’ve also leaned into my discomfort. I can see myself stretching.  No book, podcast or webinar could have taken me here.

Thanks, Chandler Coaches.

Julie Jones

Content Strategist at Insight Studio

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