The Monster That is Procrastination

There’s a blog post brewing in my head.  Working title: “Loose Lips Sink Ships”. It’s about confidentiality—a subject I feel passionate about.

THIS post is not THAT post. I’m putting THAT one off. I want to write about the importance of confidentiality and I am having trouble writing it without coming across holier than thou. Until I find a new angle, I’m putting it off. Procrastinating.

So I thought I’d write about procrastination instead. The irony is intended!

Tim Urban has a very funny take on procrastination in his 14 min Ted Talk.

His theory involves a monster and lots of laughs. It’s worth putting off what you are supposed to be doing right now to watch.

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights + a few add ons from me:

  • When we feel something is hard, finding a specific storefront in NYC on Google Earth can take on epic proportions.
  • Many have a need for instant gratification that blocks what is rationale and makes sense to do.  Heard about the famous marshmallow study?
  • Procrastination can send us to an ugly place of guilt, dread, self hatred (:
  • Perfect is the enemy of progress (Churchill said it first).

We’re all procrastinators on some level. Deadlines are positive in that they thrust us into action and keep the procrastination system in check.

But what about those hard things that don’t have a real deadline? Building your dream business, checking things off your bucket list, getting healthier, having that long overdue conversation that is scary.

When Prince died, the Globe reminded us that one of Prince’s messages was that we’d better live now.  And my very close friend and coaching colleague Alana Walsh Essery said it best:  Coaching brings a deadline to those big hard (most important) things. And fortunately, Alana and I are a lot friendlier and more effective in dealing with your procrastination than the monster that Tim Urban describes.

As for my post on confidentiality, you’ll have it before the summer, even if I do come across as a self righteous ass.

P.S. For those of you who voted for Jill’s CBC Searchlight entry, thank you. She won the popular vote on PEI and advances to the next round! She’s delighted and overwhelmed with the win and the support.  By the way, she put off making her first album for years because it was hard and she wasn’t ready. She’s not waiting any more and now she’s on fire.  Don’t you procrastinate voting for her in this round!  You can vote daily here until Friday, April 29th

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