On March 7th, we took a leap of faith. We danced the dance of ‘purpose versus safety’ and we decided that purpose would win the day.

We welcomed 29 leaders from several sectors to an introduction of PEI’s first Where It Changes!™ (WIC) Conscious Leadership Forum1 at the beautiful Beaconsfield Carriage House at the water’s edge. The sun was shining both inside and out.

The Magic that Happens When We Trust and Surrender | Chandler Coaches Inc

In the week’s leading up to our intro session as well as the day of, we were guided by the mantra suggested to us by our conscious leadership mentor coach Annmarie Chereso: ‘trust and surrender’.

Trust and surrender that the right people would show up. And they did.

Trust and surrender that we would create a profound and playful experience. And, judging by the laughter and animated conversations, we did.

The Magic that Happens When We Trust and Surrender | Chandler Coaches Inc

Trust and surrender that people would be interested in our year-long program. And they are.

As we move forward to launch the Forum, our team will continue to trust and surrender that life will serve up what we need for our own ongoing leadership growth. We are now joyfully creating a profound and playful Forum experience for the 12 PEI leaders who will make up the founding WIC cohort. These leaders know that if nothing changes, nothing changes… and the Forum is Where It Changes!™

Imagine the magic you could create if you could shift from…

  • Controlling to empowering
  • Withholding to revealing
  • Safety to courage
  • Avoiding to embracing conflict
  • Drama to purpose
  • Striving to serving
  • Stress to ease
  • Solo to community
The Magic that Happens When We Trust and Surrender | Chandler Coaches Inc

And what would be possible for you, your organization, our Island and the world if you lived and led with more trust and surrender?

To learn more, please reach out to us at lisa@chandlercoaches.com or monica@oncorpcoaching.com.

We trust that the right people will.

1 At Where It Changes! we exist to elevate individuals, businesses, communities and our world. We do this by creating profound and playful experiences that transform leaders. WIC is a joint venture between Oncorp Coaching and Chandler Coaches.

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