A Fearful Finch Flies From the Nest

September 17, 2009

This is a departure, dear reader, from my usual topics of business, coaching and a side of tango.  It is with great delight, that I break tradition and share with you a Dr. Seuss style poem instead. This poem is very dear to me as it was written by a special client I have been coaching after I read her “Oh the…

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Are You Addicted to Drama?

August 4, 2009

This post is a cut and paste from David Emerald’s recent TED Letter.  I am respecting the copyright requirements by not editing the content to make a short and snappy post. Despite the length, I feel the post is worth a read which is why I am including it here. Check out The Power of TED for more. It is a simple story with a powerful message. In the…

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Sharing Makes A Better "Idea" Soup

June 27, 2009

I recently had an idea for a really cool coaching concept and I shared it with my friend and coaching colleague Tanya Geisler. Now we are partnering on the idea and getting more excited about it each time we meet about it.  In parallel, the notion of hoarding (things, information) versus sharing has crossed my radar a few times (and you may…

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The key question to determine customer loyalty

June 11, 2009

About five years ago, George Thompson, President of Headcan Health Education Media, gave me a reprint of a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article that he was exuberant about. We were focussing on client satisfaction and the article—The One Number You Need to Grow— cut right to the chase (you will have to pay Harvard Business Review if you want to…

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A Procrastination Buster for Entrepreneurs- Part 1

April 19, 2009

So you have a long “to do” list and a few of the same pesky items keep showing up week after week. You just can’t seem to knock them off your list.  Maybe your reoccurring list looks a bit like this: ·         Update contact management software (but you hate IT stuff!) ·         Call people you met at recent Board of Trade…

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