Business Experiments in the Test Kitchen of Life- Part II

February 10, 2010

This past weekend Tanya and I created what I’ve dubbed our Business Experiments in the Test Kitchen of Life Challenge in which we gave ourselves $50 each to buy food in secret which we would then combine to cook up a menu and meal together. Tanya bought: I bought: Morbier cheese Chocolate with pink peppercorns Mussels Oatmeal crisps Red chilli peppers French country farm sausage…

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Business Experiments in the Test Kitchen of Life

February 8, 2010

I am just back from a weekend in Toronto with my dear friend and business partner Tanya (hereto forward known as Tanya with no preamble about how we are both best friends and business partners!).  The working weekend was set up about a week ago when we recognized that some face time was our answer to busting through the Seth Godin style…

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2009- What I am most proud of

January 1, 2010

2009 was a challening year for me on many fronts. About 3 weeks ago I sat down to do my own year-end questionnaire to complete the year (a tool I share with my coaching clients).  On first pass, I felt depressed and eager for the year to be done.  However, a few conversations and “reframes” later with ardent and supportive friends had me seeing things from a different perspective.…

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"Ship, then test!" says Guy Kawasaki

November 20, 2009

Last night I was invited to Challenge Your World as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (thank you, Martin Lessard!). Guy Kawasaki was spectacular as the keynote speaker. For the most part, Guy’s top 10 tips for entrepreneurs make a ton of sense. There are only a couple I dispute. My comments are in italics. Build what YOU want to use– in other…

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Coach Buffet: A Satisfying Soup

October 16, 2009

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Soup is your metaphor for the week, Cancerian.  Symbolically speaking, it’s the key to your personal power and a model for the approach you should take in everything you do. On the most basic level, you might want to eat some soup every day.  That will make potent suggestions to your subconscious mind about how to…

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All you can – – -?

October 13, 2009

They are Chinese and Indian many other ethnicities.  You often find them in hotels and on cruise ships.  They are often overflowing with plenty, and some would say they are wasteful. Many people overeat at them.  What are THEY? Buffets, of course.  They sound like a great idea when you are really hungry and you often regret it very quickly…

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