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Risking Your Identity to Grow

February 21, 2017

My colleague Tim Edris and I have the privilege of coaching a senior leadership team through a year-long program called Leader to Leader™ to increase their individual and collective leadership effectiveness. We know empirically that even small increases in overall leadership effectiveness can have a significant positive impact on the business. These Leaders are Willing to Put Their Identity on…

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Signaling a Lane Change

October 3, 2016

You’re driving on a fast highway and a car swerves into your lane without any notice.  Your reaction might range from a gentle head shake (tsk, tsk) to jamming on the brakes to ending up in a car crash if you don’t have enough time to react. Signaling a lane change is the law on our roads. Bad things can…

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The Cancelling Effect For Leaders

March 1, 2016

Ask the leaders in most companies how they are growing the business and you’ll hear about marketing & sales, lean manufacturing, innovation, attraction and retention of top talent, and acquisitions etc. While leaders will readily agree that effective leaders drive business performance, improving leadership effectiveness is rarely a leadership priority. And if it is a priority, the focus is often…

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“To Be…is To Be Liked” and Other Leadership Traps

September 23, 2015

This past summer I spent a week in Minneapolis getting trained and certified in The Leadership Circle 360 Profile (TLCP). I went with excitement for new learning, big hopes of a new offering for my coaching clients, and some trepidation about whether or not I would believe in the leadership assessment framework I was to learn. My experience in Mini-apple-a-soda…

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