How to spot a Conscious Leader

Written by Shelby McDonald

We asked, Lisa Chandler, Founder of Chandler Coaches, how to spot a leader who practices conscious leadership? She says that while conscious leadership practices can seem subtle, conscious leaders are easy to spot because they act so differently than the average leader.

Often, conscious leaders:

❇️ Are fully present to whatever they are doing. They are not distracted. They don’t interrupt.

❇️ Are allergic to drama and help their teams catch it before it escalates. They take their 100 percent full responsibility for situations but avoid swooping in to ‘hero’ or solve other peoples’ problems just to feel good about themselves.

❇️ Ask genuinely curious questions and are able to hold how opposite and seemingly conflicting ideas can co-exist in complex systems.

❇️Keep the agreements they make and clean up any that they break. Walking their talk makes them trustworthy.

❇️ Avoid gossip and prefer to speak directly with caring and candour.

❇️ Recognize that not everything is as serious as we make it. They are playful while still being highly effective.  They take care of their own health and energy so they can unleash energy in their teams.

❇️ Catch themselves when they are acting entitled to things and people being a certain way and shift to appreciating that whatever is occurring is there for their learning.

Conscious leaders are able to have great influence and impact on the outcomes that matter most. And they are able to do it with much less drama and much greater flow and ease.

If this is the kind of leader you want to be, reach out to us! It all starts with a conversation. 

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