Private Label Leadership

Highly customized, this executive coaching is tailored to fit your life and leadership needs.

This is an exclusive coaching offer for a very limited number of clients.

Private Label clients are welcomed to our offices for one-on-one coaching as often as they want. Typical engagements span eight months to a year.

Outside of regularly scheduled sessions, private label clients have access to Lisa for laser coaching on real time leadership challenges. Imagine being able to access coaching when you are stuck on a decision or angry about some evolving workplace drama. Coaching can help you gain a new perspective on how to be with or approach the issue.

What is the coaching process?

Our Private Label leaders often start their coaching journey with a Leadership Circle Profile™360 Assessment (LCP) to gain deep, rounded feedback.

The LCP is used by leaders in many Fortune 500 companies. They know the value of strong leadership on organizational results.

From this place of very rich feedback, we identify the “One Big Thing” that will truly accelerate their effectiveness. We hold this as the through line during coaching while being very responsive to whatever needs and circumstances are emerging.

Fit is Everything

We are as discerning about the clients we work with as they are in choosing us.

If you feel ready to explore what Private Label Leadership could look like for you, here are the next steps:

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    Design Your Way Forward

Private Label Leadership with Lisa Chandler,

If we’re a great fit, we start without delay. If we’re not, we’ll help you find the right path.

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What clients say about Lisa

Lisa helped me feel comfortable and at ease when I felt incredibly vulnerable and threatened. And discovering my “one big thing” was literally life changing.

-Kate Marshall, Director Workplace Services, Workers Compensation Board

Lisa is very honest and to the point, so much so that it makes me laugh sometimes (very refreshing). I feel I have made a great deal of progress as a leader.

- Greg MacPhail, Manager Information Technology & Metering, Maritime Electric

Lisa's coaching provided us with much needed introspection of how each team member's strengths and weaknesses impacted the team. We were able to pinpoint what we each needed to work on to improve our overall effectiveness as a team.

- Garth Doiron, Wealth Advisor, Richardson GMP Cudmore Ross Wealth Management

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  • When you hit submit, you will be taken to a calendar to schedule a conversation with our CEO, Lisa Chandler.