Playing the long game

This past year has reminded our coach Lisa, why she loves being a conscious leadership coach. The work is interesting, challenging and, at the end of the day, gratifying to Lisa. While she started her career in central Canada, she’s so glad it’s brought her back to her roots on the Island. 

“It’s meaningful, especially on PEI, to watch our leaders navigate this past year. If we at Chandler Coaches can coach leaders to collaborate and dream big, be honest and full of integrity and put stakes in the ground with things that really matter, all of our lives as Islanders can be changed and bettered.” 

It’s motivating to Lisa to see leaders come to Chandler Coaches forums and let go of the high control drama and be curious to learn tools to become better leaders in the workplace and better parents and spouses. 

“So much is possible if leaders can lead with honesty and welcome conflict and conquer it healthily, that’s the dream because then work can get done.

If you can create a team that can welcome playfulness, encourage rest, and find moments of joy together. People don’t forget that, and people don’t leave that.” 

In conscious leadership, it’s all about the long game. To learn to be able not to take ourselves so seriously but still create meaningful outcomes. 

Doesn’t that sound like the ultimate way to lead? To learn more, reach out to us for a chat. It all starts with a conversation!

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