Get rid of your vacation policy.  Stop tying compensation to performance.  Pay more to your people than the market demands. Drop the self-affirmations and doubt yourself instead.  Forget about annual performance reviews. And for goodness sake, pay more attention to your “To Don’t” list than your “To Do” list.  Daniel Pink’s recently released Flip Manifesto (available gratis here) offers 16 pieces of advice that run counter to what you might have heard elsewhere and will certainly contradict how your own firm/ company is set up.  This is precisely why it is worth the 30-45 minutes it will take you to read it.  I liked it so much I have printed it out and highlighted it for a VP (R&D) I am coaching right now.  I have chosen to use the paper and ink (85 whole pages worth) because I know he will never get to it if I send him the electronic version and I believe it is something he needs to read right now.

How about you?  Is it time to flip some of your long-held beliefs?

For more Daniel Pink, read his Pink Blog.

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