In 2015, I made one single decision, motivated by both fear and possibility, that set a lot in motion.  The decision wasn’t really a resolution and yet I was resolved. Most resolutions don’t stick. My decision was more of an opening to evolve.

It started during a quiet Cape Breton moment late last winter. I finally woke up to the reality that my company revenues had started to go backwards, ever so slightly, month over month.  I had long known I was overly reliant on one “client” and that I needed more diversity in my client base.  I had also long wanted to return to the business aspirations I had intended in 2008 as a newly minted coach. But my internal conversations were keeping me small. Be responsible. Be liked. Stay the course. Comply.  

I was coaching well and consistently getting great evaluations. Yet, inside I knew I wasn’t living into my potential as a coach or entrepreneur. I started feeling out of integrity coaching professionals to be courageous in their business development while I was playing small. Still, I hung on to “safety” for a while.

Finally in the late spring, I made a single decision to purposely start a cascade of changes.  I signed up to get certified in The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment.  Big deal, you might say. Here’s what it’s meant to me so far:

  • I had the courage to take a big step out of my comfort zone and now coach company CEOs and their senior leadership teams. I help them strengthen their inner games to play a much stronger outer game;
  • My investment in my own learning helped me find my inspiration again;
  • Getting up close and personal with my own 360 results brought me back into integrity.

And then, no sooner did I step back into being a leader and entrepreneur than I lost my main client! Just like that with no formal warning (but plenty of clues). The client who, at times over the past five years, had provided up to 90 percent of my revenue, was no longer going to provide coaching work…or not much.  It was a shock. And it wasn’t.  I had never felt secure.  Just the same, when the rug was pulled out from under me, I felt angry and betrayed…for about a week.

And then, almost in an instant, I felt freedom.  And hope.  And inspiration.  And even gratitude for this client and how things were unfolding.

What’s happened since?

  • A former coaching client—Amy Mignault, a seasoned marketer—approached me and became my first part-time employee. Amy’s the yin to my yang and together we’ve been more powerful than I ever would have been on my own;
  • We’ve expanded my client base by ten (10) companies in four months;
  • Committed business for 2016 is already close to 25% of our 2016 target and it’s only December 2015; our pipeline is strong.
  • Chandler Coaches is partnering with complementary businesses like resolveHR to bring clients more comprehensive people development. Other partners are in the wings.

This year, I want to become more accepting of myself and the people I love. Change goes faster when we have the guts to commit out loud.

What do you want your evolution to look like in 2016?

What are you doing/not doing right now to allow it?

What are you committed to instead?

What deep held (invisible) beliefs do you have that might sabotage it all?

In the spirit of our collective New Year’s Evolutions, remember that courage comes before confidence, a single decision can start a whole positive cascade, and sometimes, having the rug pulled out from under us is exactly what we need.

P.S. My sister Jill’s songs tell about her evolution. She’s a resilient heroine. I am proud to share her story with you.


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  1. Emma Fugate on December 17, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    Thank you for this Lisa!
    I appreciate the food for thought – this is certainly a good time to evaluate where things are at…

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