In this TED Talk , Chip Conley, owner of Joie de Vive hotels on the US west coast talks about gross national happiness (G.N.H), a concept started in Bhutan and now used by 40 countries.  He encourages businesses (and countries) to place much more emphasis on measuring the intangibles.

Measuring the Tangibles in a Coaching Business

With a little discipline, it is rather easy to measure:

  • $ per coaching client or lifetime value of a coaching client;
  • length of time in months that a coaching client stays;
  • average hourly rate earned per client;
  • Revenue per month/ year etc.

Measuring the Intangibles in a Coaching Business

It is more challenging to think of intangible measures and more challenging still to figure out a way to count them (and as one person commented about the TED talk below…if you can measure does that make it tangible?):

  • how often my clients say the coaching is helping them (either during the session or after);
  • how many people are referred by satisifed clients;
  • how often I learn something really useful from a coaching client (I can tell you it’s often!);
  • how often I feel good after a coaching session.

Do these metrics make sense through the eyes of “gross business happiness”? Have a look at Chip Conley in his talk on TED and let me know your thoughts on how I can change my business metrics to focus also on happiness and other intangibles. I would love your ideas.

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