I Loved the Coaching Module So Much, I am Taking Over The Blog to Tell You About It

If our friends at Upstreet Craft Brewing can regularly do “tap takeovers”, we can surely do it here on our blog. Today, we introduce to you Jackie Skinner, a leader participating in a current cohort of our Thriving Leaders Forum (formerly known as The Conscious Leader Forum). Jackie was so thrilled with the skills she learned in our session where we teach leaders how to coach that she asked if she could write about it.  Here’s what she said:

As babies we spend a lot of time listening. We start listening in the womb, in fact.

And somewhere around aged 2 (I think this is where the term “terrible twos” comes from) we start asking questions. We become super curious about the world. We want to know “why?”. 

But then something odd happens as we become adults. 

We slowly stop doing both. 
We stop listening and instead tune in to our thoughts and narratives. 
We stop asking questions and being curious because we don’t want to sound stupid. Especially if we find ourselves in a leadership role. 
Suddenly everyone looks to us to know the answers and to provide solutions. 
No time for questions, no time to listen. 

And that’s why when I participated in last month’s session on “conscious coaching” at Chandler Coaches I walked away feeling like I was “deprogrammed”. In a good way.

Coaching is all about listening and asking curious questions. 
I distinctly remember thinking “Ha! This stuff will be a piece of cake!”
I thought I had already mastered both.  
Turns out I was rubbish. 

Even after years of leading teams and doing what I THOUGHT was listening and asking questions, it became clear I had some changes to make to get back to what I was born good at. 
Fortunately for me, all the leaders in my cohort felt the same way.

We’d all been taught the same thing: listen (A.K.A nod your head) & find a solution!
It turns out that this is a recipe for “hero-ing” over and over again and getting drained. It doesn’t lead to the best outcomes and it certainly doesn’t help leaders grow people around them. 
Our eyes were opened to freedom and power of this new approach. 

It can feel overwhelming for leaders to learn new skills and change amid very jam-packed lives. But I walked away from that first session feeling two things:

1) Hopeful – These are learnable skills and when I learn them, I will catapult my leadership ability.
2) Confident – I’m supported by fellow leaders dedicated to the same things and surrounded by experienced coaches who live this approach day in and day out. Even if I need to practice a lot, I am in the best environment to do that.

I asked Lisa and Julie Ann if I could guest write this post to let you know about my experience. It’s a game changer for leaders. Fortunately, they have created a new stand-alone 2 day workshop to teach leaders how to coach called Coach to Thrive. 

It’s being offered for the first time on Feb 3rd & 4th, 2022. The Coach to Thrive program will do for you what it’s done for me: Deprogram poor habits and introduce a new, more authentic way to lead.
Over the two days, you’ll learn the techniques of transformational coaching PLUS get lots of practice alongside fellow leaders. 

This program is ideal for leaders with a team or professionals in a matrix organization who rely on creating strong relationships with staff and clients.  It’s important that you can apply what you learn right away when you return to your organization (that’s the best way to learn after all!). 
This program is going to be limited to only 10 leaders. Trust me, you want to be in this room. Don’t wait to book your spot. Sign up now to book your spot.

All leaders need to take this course. Your teams, your family, and your friends will thank you.

Jackie Skinner

P.S. Have questions? As a current participant in the Chandler Coaches Forum, I’m happy to help you assess if the Forum or the Coach to Thrive program will give you want you want. 

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