Her most important thing is to be helpful, sweet, caring and loving. She rescues by easing pain and suffering, at least temporarily.

She prides herself on making homemade treats for those she loves, who are in “need”; she makes homemade cards too.   She’s proud of her listening ear, how her thoughtful deeds will have you feeling special, and how she’ll put your needs ahead of hers at the drop of a hat.

She learned her beautiful style from all the heroines who raised her and all the heroines she befriended over the years.

She’s been around for a very long time, always finessing her caring approach.  

Lest this be a tale only of sweetness, I must tell you that Heroine Helen has many fears. She’s afraid of being rejected or tossed aside. She fears anger: her own and others’. She is totally in her element when she’s an angel. She judges herself harshly when she is anything less than sugar, spice and everything nice.

What she MOST wants, and feels she NEEDS is to be approved of and loved deeply.  She’s willing to go to great lengths to feed her wants, to meet her need. Giving love and approval is her insurance policy that she’ll always have enough of it herself.

She’s lovely.  She’s so human.  I can see her so clearly now.

That’s because she is a part of me, a ‘persona’ I am finally welcoming in.

And as I see her and open up to her, I see that Heroine Helen needs me to befriend her at long last.  She’s a beautiful piece of me. She needs loving support to unhinge her identity and her worth, from her deeds.

I’m going to help to her experiment with giving her gifts only when she wants to, when she comes from a place of abundance versus lack, from a place of creating what she wants versus complying. I’m going to help her say no when she means no. I’m even going to encourage her to let her anger out when it arises.  

I’m going to love her through this. Together, we’ll observe what happens. Together we’ll see if others will too.  

I am confident Helen and I can grow wise together.  Our world will be the test.

I have other personas that are not nearly as sweet as Helen.  I’ll need to befriend them too.

What are the parts that make up you? Which parts/ personas need more love right now?

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