How to Build a Strong Marketing Foundation

Marketing is pointless unless you start with a solid foundation. Mark Maraia calls going to a business lunch unprepared a random act of lunch. Posting a scattered bio on LinkedIn or showing up at a business mixer unable to clearly explain how you help your clients is equally random. Random acts of marketing don’t add up to solid results. Random acts of marketing will make you feel pretty random too.

A Solid Foundation

By way of a solid marketing foundation, Michael Port has it right:

  • Define your ideal client

  • Understand why they buy what you are selling

  • Uncover your personal brand

  • Know how to talk about what you do so that you stand out

It also helps to know your dud clients so that you can avoid them and save your energy for your ideal ones.

Identify Your ‘Big Result’

While the above formula sounds straightforward, most of my clients struggle through the work even with my help. When we get there though – and we do get there – the ROI is great. Armed with total clarity on the BIG RESULT you get for clients/ customers and the unique way you achieve it (your brand/ your company’s brand), you become powerful.

The big results I get for my clients are business growth and promotion. While it can be hard to explain coaching in detail, it is very easy to talk about these results.

A strong marketing foundation will remind you of your value and give you the courage to “put yourself out there”. It will also help you speak in plain language both in person and online about how you meet your target market’s needs.

Evaluate Your Foundation

How would you rate your own marketing foundation?

  • Rock solid

  • It needs a little shoring up

  • What foundation?

If you need a little shoring up or don’t have a foundation at all, let’s talk. I have resources I can share if you want to take a DIY approach. Or we can talk about a limited amount of coaching to get you on solid ground. But only if you fit my ideal client definition

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