How to Be A Caring Leader During a Pandemic

528 words just landed on the cutting room floor. 

Those words were the draft of this post. I wrote them this morning while I was feeling agitated and lacking creative inspiration. My context (how I was coming at the post) was very below the line. I was behaving like things were happening “to me”. Not surprisingly, what landed on the page was a confusing and uninspired read.  

Now I am back for Take Two. 

At the moment, I am above the line. I am giving myself total permission to use what others have written instead of starting from scratch. I am seeing how easy and rewarding this post can be and I am actually enjoying writing so far. Conscious leadership is the theme. 

  1. Facing uncertainty: I feel this very personally and globally right now. This article Between Two Worlds explores liminal space “an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways…betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next.” In what parts of your life are you between old and new right now? 
  1. Emergence: We’re solving a donut puzzle in our house. We felt overwhelmed until we started grouping pieces by topping and having little moments of success. In What a 1000 Piece Puzzle Taught Me About Navigating Uncertainty the author writes that “since we can’t know for certain how this unparalleled pandemic will play out, we need to notice what’s emerging in and around us and, piece by piece, craft the picture of our new world together.” Finding one piece can lock in a little cluster of knowing that makes it possible to keep going. 
  1. Care and Compassion: Among the hundreds of tips streaming into Chris Murchison’s inbox, five practices stood out: support of emotional expression, presence, inquiry, listening, and self-care. He wrote How to be a Remarkable Boss During Lockdown. These are all versions of conscious leadership practices. I also like this HBR article on Why Compassion is a Better Managerial Tactic Than Toughness

It seems fitting to end on appreciation, a commitment of conscious leaders. Never have we, at Chandler Coaches, felt more connected to and grateful for our clients. Many have gone above and beyond to check in, drop off lovely little gifts for Lali and me, ensure prompt payments and provide testimonials. The community of leaders we are creating in our Forums and programs have each other’s backs. They have ours too.  

Life and leadership continue to be intense. Painful. Joyful. The volume is turned up. 

I am learning to rest in the space in between. I am so curious what will emerge.   

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