Yesterday’s topic was company values (see The Value of Red Velvet Cake). Today I am on to the value of having a red velvet rope to keep non-ideal clients out!  Yes. You heard right. The idea belongs to Michael Port, business coach, and author of the widely read Book Yourself Solid.

Port conjures up the velvet rope you may encounter when you attend a high end, invitation-only party. You show up and the bouncer only lets you past the velvet rope if your name is on the guest list. Port’s idea is to treat prospective clients’ metaphorical entry into your business this way too.  He recommends becoming crystal clear on who your ideal client is in terms of their qualities (not their pocketbook) and going so far as to fire your “dud” clients–the ones who drain your energy and prevent you from being your very best with your ideal clients.

velvet ropeFor my business coaching practice, you will get past the velvet rope if you are:

  • a creator – you already know that it’s up to you to create the business and life of your dreams.
  • a natural partner – you are living proof that partnering on ideas, projects, goals and desires is a surefire way to manifest them.
  • fully alive – you are awake to possibility and your energy is palpable.
  • a connector – you get great joy out of connecting people to ideas and other resources.
  • a believer – you already know the power of business coaching, you have faith in the process and you know things will work out great.

If on the other hand, you are a victim of circumstance, a sole operator (in the sense that you are scared to involve anyone lest they steal your ideas), flat, a disconnector and a skeptic…my velvet rope will not be opened for you.  Of course, it’s not likely that you will try to crash my party anyway.   

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