This is a departure, dear reader, from my usual topics of business, coaching and a side of tango.  It is with great delight, that I break tradition and share with you a Dr. Seuss style poem instead.

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Image from Wikipedia

This poem is very dear to me as it was written by a special client I have been coaching after I read her “Oh the Places You’lll Go” by Dr. Suess during a coaching session. I don’t typically read Dr. Suess to my clients but Danielle is lyrical and creative and the moment called for the famous rhymes of the dear doc.

The poem’s author is Danielle Babineau. She has given me permission to share her poem and her name. I would not  divulge such private information otherwise.  She will be famous some day.  She doesn’t believe it yet though I believe it to be true.    Oh the places she will go!

Share her poem to the fearful finches in your life.  Reach out to her at  She’s as lovely as the name suggests.


Fearful Finch

By Danielle Babineau 2009

Woe is me, I’m ten times three,

And don’t know what to do!
I’m stuck upon a branch, you see,

And my feet are fixed in glue.


The sun may rise, the sun may set,

But here I sit and sit,

I just keep on sitting, as if I’m knitting,

Yet, I’m quite fed up with it.


My tree is old, my branch is small,

The view is dull and bare,

Yet others tell me, I’m very lucky,

To have a tree to share.


“Others,” they tell me, “have not a twig

To sit upon all day!

“You should be thankful to have a branch

You should not dismay!”


So here I sit on my prickly branch,

And do my best to sort,

The bugs, the leaves,

While shooting the breeze,

And dreaming to, in short:


Leave my tree for greener palms,

Leave the other birds behind.

Soar to greater heights and feel the sun,

And no longer be entwined.


Yet, when I start to contemplate,

This daring proud endeavour,

I soon turn pale, “What if I fail?”

And crouch back on my branch forever.


 I cannot see the ground from here,

It is far too dark and black,

And once I leave my safe wee branch,

I’m afraid I can never come back!


Afraid to leap, too scared to jump

Into that deep unknown,

What if cactus needles, or long horned beetles

Await with crocodiles full-grown~!


What if I fall flat, making one huge ‘SPLAT”

Upon the cold hard ground?!

What if monsters, ghouls or taxmen come

Demanding my flesh – one pound!?


It’s safer to stay and serve those

Who dwell on nicer leaves,

I’d rather count their grubs each day

Than take the chance to leave.


No one notices this little finch

Nestled on her tiny twig,

No, no one sees her pretty plumes,

No one gives a fig.


I’m all curled up, my wings held tight

Motionless as a rock.

But, all of sudden, I’ve had enough

And at last I let myself drop.


From the branch, my feet uncoil

And down the rabbit hole I fall.

The bark above looks somewhat bleak

And I’m glad to be far from it all.


The beaks above tweet “Where are you going?”

To that I cannot reply.

But since I’ve dropped, I must concede

I’m going somewhere in the sky.


I’m tumbling down and down

And wonder will it ever end?

Will the creepy crawlies get me?

Do I die at three times ten?


I cover my eyes and wait for the big KA-THUMP!

It no doubt will arrive.

But as I peak from beneath my feathers

The speed has ceased from the dive.


Wait a minute! The drop has stopped!
I’m floating in mid-air!

Holy cow, I’m still alive!

I’m flying! I declare.


I can feel the warmest sun,

The wind that helps my flight,

I’ve never felt so delightfully free,

I’ve never felt so light!


My rainbow wings are now stretched tip to tip.

I’m soaring in the sky,

Why I hadn’t taken this leap much sooner,

I will simply never know why.

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