Experience Conscious Leadership

Our Experience is only a half-day but that's long enough for a deep dive and a toolkit you can put to use right away. 

When you are at your best, you are on fire.

You achieve. Your enthusiasm is contagious. You feel hopeful about your future and your leadership.

Often enough though, you feel uncertain about what’s next for you. You ask yourself if you have what it takes to lead at the next level. You’re hard on yourself and you feel that others are too.

There’s often some type of drama with your peers or team and it totally drains you. You look at other leaders and think they must be performing better than you.

We hear you. We feel that way sometimes too and we’re in the leadership development business!

You want to be a stronger leader and are open to new experiences to grow.

Our Experience Conscious Leadership half day session is for you if:

  • You’re curious what conscious leadership is;
  • You want to connect with like-minded leaders;
  • You want to get unstuck about something;
  • You might be considering our Conscious Leader Forum but want to sample first;
  • You’re craving learning and fun!

Ready to say yes to an experience?

Experience Conscious Leadership

Offered about three times a year, our Experience Conscious Leadership offers a highly experiential group learning workshop for leaders. Participants experience their conflicts through the lens of the drama triangle and experiment by taking 100% responsibility for their situation. We see amazing shifts when leaders face reality and play with their drama.

Our Experience session gives leaders a sense of whether they want more in-depth conscious leadership learning--the kind they’d find in our Conscious Leader Forums. At a minimum, leaders gain a beginner toolkit they can use right away in their life and leadership.

Want to Experience Conscious Leadership?

We are working on moving our Experience Conscious Leadership session to a virtual experience.

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What participants say about the Experience Conscious Leadership:


"Presence vs. drama - fact or fiction -I really connected to the process and I happened to make a connection in real life that may change my career path!"

"The group setting was a safe place to open up about my leadership challenges. It felt validating to hear others are in similar situations.  "

"I have a completely new lens on workplace drama and a new toolkit to help me reduce it. ."

"This session showed me that I have control over my reactions and how I’ve been contributing to drama in my organization. I’d previously been blaming others! "