Are you edgy about your leadership?


🙍 If you’re wasting your talent?

🙍 If you truly have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

🙍 Why you bothered getting that MBA anyway? 

🙍 Why you left that company? You’d be making so much money if you’d stayed!

Do any of these questions go through your head? 

True confession: These are my voices. 

They still echo through my head more often than I care to admit… and I am a leadership coach and entrepreneur who helps others lead, for gosh sake. 🤦

But do you want to know the really juicy truth? The voices get even stronger when I talk to former colleagues, and they tell me about their raises, bonuses and promotions. 

I feel jealous and insecure.  

When I scroll through “perfect” images of other entrepreneurs on Instagram it just adds fuel to my pity party. 

I start thinking scarcity thoughts like: Maybe if I just double down and hustle more…

I used to feel so fearless. I had a clear path to success, and I was going after it!  I was confident. Unwavering. Ambitious. And if I’m truly honest, I think others were jealous of me.  

What I sometimes forget though, is that I was pretty miserable. 

I was working morning, noon and night and only felt good when I was pumping out work, getting bonuses and moving up and up. 

But in all that constant hustle, I was living out of integrity. I was not living out the very values I was teaching others to embody.

And for me, those values are nonnegotiable. 

So while I sometimes wonder whether I’ve made a good decision and whether I have lost my “corporate” edge (As an enneagram 3, I live for achievement), I can tell you I made the perfect decision. And my edge is sharper than ever.  

I can say this with certainty because I know some life and leadership practices now that I didn’t know before and they are making all the difference.  


👉 It’s not about working harder or even smarter 

👉 It’s not about meditation or even self-care 

👉 It’s not about settling  

Instead, it is about: 

✅ Clarity 

✅ Trust 

✅ Permission

✅ Support 

…but perhaps differently than you might imagine. 

There is a reason why I chose to move back home to PEI and buy my family’s deep sea fishing business.  I am proud of myself for the risks I have taken. I am courageously charting a new path and thriving precisely because I am at my learning edge.  

Sure, I have some noisy inner voices but I am not one bit worried. I am as ambitious and productive as ever. But now it’s on my terms and it’s so much more fun and impactful. 

Want to thrive at your learning edge too? Schedule a Thrive Session today to get started! I’ll even tell you the things that changed the game for me. 

You’ll have my full presence for 45 minutes (or Lisa C’s). You’ll leave with greater clarity and first steps toward what you most want. See you soon! 

Julie Ann

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