One hour a week can make a HUGE difference in the way you live and lead right now.

Leadership can be challenging in the best of circumstances. With the COVID-19 global pandemic, our personal and professional lives are being impacted in many ways.

When faced with threat or uncertainty, we tend to react to our situation by blaming, rationalizing, or being overwhelmed. Those who practice conscious leadership recognize when this is happening and look to shift their focus to curiosity, learning, and growth.

During this four-part series of just one hour per week, you will learn simple and insightful conscious leadership tools you can use immediately, both personally and professionally.

You will learn:

  • Living conscious leadership
  • Leading from above the line versus below the line
  • Shifting from threat (fear) to trust
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Knowing the roles of drama


  • Tuesday October 27, 1:00pm AST
  • Tuesday November 3, 1:00pm AST
  • Tuesday November 10, 1:00pm AST
  • Tuesday November 17, 1:00pm AST


$150 for the full 4-week series

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Feedback from participants


"Experience Conscious Leadership (Virtually) offers an enlightened perspective on being an effective leader. It's an amazing opportunity that inspires the desire to learn much more!"

Steve Reaman (Business Development Officer, Innovation PEI)

"This course has really helped me to reflect on how I am reacting to a situation at any given moment based on what is occurring in my life. It has allowed me to be more aware of my actions to help me be more open and curious rather than defensive. It has also been fantastic to be able to connect with like-minded individuals from different industries and with varying levels of experience. I highly recommend this course  - you will not be disappointed."     

Natalie Sawdyk (Unit Claims Manager, Intact Insurance)