Destined for Entrepreneurship

Written by Shelby McDonald

Our coach, Julie Ann Gauthier, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She grew up in a very entrepreneurial family with many family members owning successful businesses across Prince Edward Island. 

Inspired by her family’s hardworking and risk-tasking nature, Julie Ann leapt into entrepreneurship in 2019 and hasn’t looked back since. She calls herself a multifaceted entrepreneur and rightfully so, as presently she owns Joey’s Deep Sea Fishing, practices Leadership Coaching with Chandler Coaches and has her own speaking business where she is available keynotes, workshops and facilitation. She feels lucky to be able to help other entrepreneurs through her day-to-day work. 

Julie Ann and Joey
Julie Ann and her father, Joey

“Leadership coaching certainly helps entrepreneurs because, owning your own business, you’re often alone, so coaching gives you that sense of community, someone else to talk too,” she says. 

Being an entrepreneur herself, she understands the immense value of being a Conscious Leader as she actively tries to practice in both her personal and professional life.

“When we know ourselves better, and we’re more confident in who we are, we can show up in that light in all areas of our lives,” she says. Learning how to listen more can help you at home or work. Being able to speak unarguably so if you’re having a heated discussion with someone you don’t have to be accusatory. There are infinite numbers of ways that it can just enhance your life.”

Julie Ann knows first-hand how much entrepreneurs have on their plate, at the end of the day, they’re in charge of it all. It can be overwhelming owning your own business. 

“Coaching is important because when you’re a leader, and you’ve got all these things riding on you it can be stressful and to have a coach help navigate through that with you is really key,” she says. “Not everyone has someone they can rely on to have those types of conversations or to teach them these skills.”

She wants to see entrepreneurs keep the joy in their ventures. 

“There are so many business owners and leaders out there that are so bogged down by stress, and I want them to do the work that they love with more freedom, and more fun.”

Julie Ann counts herself lucky because she has that fun and freedom in her business. She wakes up almost every day, loving what she does. 

“I love sharing these tools with people. I love seeing people connecting the dots. And I really love seeing people get out of their own way and move forward in their personal and professional life.” 

“I rely on the skills every day. I recognize that if I’m complaining about something repeatedly, then I take a look and say, what’s my role here, what’s my responsibility,” she says. “There’s an infinite number of ways that I can bring it into my life, and I think that’s really cool.” 

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