Conscious Leadership Can Improve Relationships

When you hear the word ‘Leadership,’ most of us think of our workplace and what it means to be an excellent leader to our employees or colleagues. But what Lisa Chandler has found, both for herself and in her clients, practicing conscious leadership can dramatically improve one’s parenting and partner relationships.

“Many of our leader clients report a huge shift at home with their partners and kids,” she says. “There is less drama and more connection.”

And being more connected at home is a foundation for them being stronger leaders at work.By creating this strong foundation at home, they’re able to lead better at work. 

“Both at work and at home, they get better at facing reality, owning their part in their dramas and taking responsibility to reduce it and focus on what matters most to them.”

Lisa can attest that this is true. She notices it in her own life. 

“Conscious leadership practices help me create the life I most want for my family. When I am most present, I can spot so many moments of joy in our days. I can listen to my daughter attentively with curiosity and without needing to solve anything. I can be really playful. And I can appreciate that even when things don’t go the way I want, which is many times daily, I can learn about myself and become a stronger leader and parent,” says Lisa.  

“When I slip, which is often, I am distracted, rushed, hyper focussed on getting things done and taking things very seriously,” she says. “Then I catch myself, accept myself for feeling threatened in some way, down in Scare City, and I can start over. It’s ‘rinse and repeat’ It works!” 

Fortunately, Lisa has a supportive community in her life that can hold up a mirror and helps her snap back to reality. 

If becoming a stronger leader, spouse and parent sounds appealing, reach out to Chandler Coaches and learn how conscious leadership can improve your entire life. It all starts with a conversation! 

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