Conscious Leader Forums

The Forum is for you if you are ready to change the way you live and lead forever.

In today’s world, things change so fast. Staying on top of current strategies can make your head spin. You need a system and a community that will help you be strong in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

Before we go further, if your focus is solely on the traditional outer game of leadership for business growth -- ideas, plans, targets, skills, and initiatives to get the people around you to improve -- there are numerous growth programs that will serve that up to you. Go there. 

Don’t get us wrong. We love BIG IDEAS. We love LEADERSHIP TOOLKITS. And we love GROWTH and BIG RESULTS. We simply believe that conscious leadership is the foundation needed to have pave the path.

What we know for sure is that big plans and a big toolkit only translate into effective leadership from a leader who is deeply self-aware. 

This Forum is for you if you’re curious about how some hurdles you encounter “out there” actually reflect some of the hurdles inside you. 

Come to us when you are ready to take 100% responsibility for the results you are creating in your life and leadership.

Together with the leaders in our Forums, we create trust, safety and community for leaders to transform. And while the path can be challenging, our Forums foster true transformation for those who really show up.

We are enrolling leaders for our Winter 2021 Forum - spaces are limited.

Don’t delay - contact us to secure your spot!

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"The Conscious Leadership Forum has helped me navigate and lead through a complete operational disruption during the COVID19 pandemic." Mike Hogan, Co-founder + Head Brewer, Upstreet Craft Brewing

You’ll know you’re ready if:

  • You feel called to make a more meaningful contribution in life and leadership;
  • You’re willing to look inward deeply to transform the way you live and lead;
  • You want to become more coach-like with your team and more present with your own family;
  • You’re craving a safe place to practice before you are tested by the real world;
  • You are tired of taking yourself so seriously and feeling overwhelmed.

This June we graduated two cohorts of the Conscious Leader Forum. 

When they came to the Forum they felt:

  • beaten down
  • lonely
  • that they didn’t have the skills or confidence to keep going

After participating in the Forum they:

  • are more authentically themselves
  • feel more connected to their purpose
  • are more alive

They know how to take 100% responsibility for their leadership and results. 

They can also own their contribution to workplace drama and are better able to help others reduce drama.

Their energy goes into creating results that matter for the organization versus overthinking, blame and inaction.

“Conscious leadership tools and practices have helped me in every facet of my life and have prepared me for these recent challenging times. They have helped me to be comfortable in the unknown, to decide what is most important in both my work life and my home life (which are currently the same place), appreciate my team and my family and listen to them from a place of curiosity. I have let go of a need to fix all problems, choosing instead to empower others and ask what’s possible! I am striving to be consciously aware and anchored in a state of trust. This is a massive shift for me and it is incredibly liberating. Literally life changing.” Kate Marshall, Director, Workplace Services, Worker’s Compensation Board of PEI

Our Forum graduates have a coaching toolkit to help their teams solve their own issues. 

They are more courageous, confident and decisive. They are more willing to face “difficult” people and situations they have avoided, creating better organizational results.

They are better able to see different perspectives because they’ve been challenged by Forum peers. They are becoming better at creating win for all” solutions for their real-world leadership challenges.

They’ve created a tight network of trusted peers from other organizations who will be there for them moving forward when they need a safe place to open up.

And, not by accident, they report being better spouses and parents because they bring their conscious leadership practices to their home life too.

If you're longing to create more impact and to live and lead freely from your zone of genius, we are here to help.

Ready to do the work (and play!)
needed to grow as a leader?

Conscious Leader Forum Details

  • Who is it for?
    • We curate a group of 6-8 business leaders from non-competing private sector, public and not for profit sectors to compose a cohort.
  • When is it?
    • We meet for a day (9am-3pm) eight times over a 10-12 month period
  • Where is it?
    • We welcome leaders to our downtown Charlottetown centre

While we normally meet in person, to meet COVID-19 restrictions we switched to shorter, virtual sessions to keep the Forum connected until we could be in person again. For Forums running during 2020-21, we have contingencies in place to ensure we are able to deliver value if we can't be in person.

We are currently recruiting leaders for our fall and winter Forums. Please contact us to discuss your interest.

If you would like to apply for our game-changing Conscious Leader Forum, here's how it works:

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Conscious Leaders Forum

We are enrolling leaders for our Winter 2021 Forum - spaces are limited.

Don’t delay - contact us to secure your spot!

* You may be eligible for up to 50% funding through a federal government skills grant.

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  • When you hit submit, you will be taken to a calendar to schedule a conversation with our CEO, Lisa Chandler.

What participants say about
forum experiences.

"This Conscious Leadership Forum is a wonderful place to pause and reflect, gather my thoughts, and come up with useful tools to navigate through life as a business owner, wife and mother. The Forum and it’s tools has made a huge difference in how I approached my leadership role through COVID-19 and the way in which I showed up for agents and staff. I highly recommend people invest in themselves and take part in one of these forums. They are well worth your time and money!"

Carol O’Hanley, Co-owner/Office Manager, EXIT Realty PEI 

"The ability to meet with other leaders over the course of a year and hear their stories, struggles and possible solutions and be on this conscious leadership journey together has been rewarding and inspiring.  Yes, I could have read a book about conscious leadership, but having Lisa’s guidance and the other participants support made a world of difference."

Kirk Wiseman, Co-founder, Analytic Edge, Inc. 

"Through the Conscious Leadership Forum, Chandler Coaches fosters a safe, honest and curious learning environment with leaders from varied work environments. Together, using our collective experiences, the Forum has helped me enhance whole body listening skills and armed me with strategies to build stronger relationships with team members by exploring issues in an open, honest and caring way.With substantially all of our team working remotely from home, staying virtually connected and having clear and thoughtful discussions has contributed to our team’s productivity and helped alleviate concerns around safety, technology and work processes during these challenging and uncertain times. 

JasonC. Roberts, Vice President, Finance & CFO Maritime Electric Company Ltd. 

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