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Join a community of growth-minded leaders who understand that peer learning is jet fuel for leadership.

When you are at your best,
you are unstoppable.

You have amazing aspirations. You get things done. People want to work with you. You feel great about yourself and your leadership.

Sometimes, though, it feels hard to keep pace in a sea of complexity. You have high expectations of yourself. Other people expect a lot from you too. Your list is never done. When there is drama with your peers or team, it totally drains you.

You look at other leaders and assume they must stronger than you. Maybe you feel like a fraud?

We get it. We feel that way sometimes too.

You want more moments of unstoppable leadership and less of feeling like a fraud.

If you are willing to jump in and grow yourself and your leadership, our Forum promises transformation.

You’ll know you’re ready if:

  • You want to become more coach-like with your people;
  • You believe that joining a cohort of leaders will accelerate your growth;
  • You know that the best leaders are the most self-aware;
  • You feel called to make a more meaningful contribution in life and leadership;
  • You’re craving deep learning AND fun!

Ready to do the work (and play!)
needed to grow as a leader?

What is the Conscious Leader Forum?

Delivered over eight sessions, this program of monthly in-person forums is where, in a group of growth-minded leaders, we practice the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and other well-supported practices.

We celebrate our successes and unravel our challenges by tapping into the collective wisdom of the group. We each learn to create outcomes that matter for ourselves, our organizations and the world.

The leaders in our Forums:

  • Learn to take 100 percent responsibility for their leadership and results. They learn to spot and own their contribution to workplace drama and are better able to lead others to shift from drama also. Their energy goes into creating results that matter for the organization versus overthinking, blame and inaction.
  • Learn coaching skills (i.e. listening from curiosity, asking powerful questions etc.) and have a safe place to practice with peers so they can return to organizations and coach their own teams to grow and solve their own issues.
  • Become more courageous, confident and decisive. They become more willing to face “difficult” people and situations they have avoided. This courage translates into better business results.
  • Grow in their ability to take many perspectives, sometimes because they are challenged by Forum peers. They become better at creating “win for all” solutions for their real-world leadership challenges.
  • Gain a tight network of peers from other organizations who, in a highly confidential environment, are both supportive and challenge them to become far more effective.

Forum sessions combine group coaching, partner work, personal reflection — and may include insightful guest speakers.

Want to be considered for our next Forum?

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What participants say about
forum experiences.

"When having conversations with staff, I am more aware of how to have these conversations to achieve success and for the staff to feel valued and appreciated. In the past, I would find it hard to focus on the conversation because I would have presupposed ideas of the outcome or the answer."

"This experience has been an eye opener for me. I think I naturally knew some of what is being discussed but I was never really conscious on how it all worked together. The Victim, Villain, and Hero is something so new to me that it really opened my thoughts on being aware of it when I speak."

"I think this is a great program. I am constantly impressed by Lisa, and what she subtly manages to achieve with people. I think what we are all looking to figure out, to the greatest extent we can, is how we can be a "Lisa" in our organization. I think there is an element of figuring out how to scale what it is that we are learning that is important to this program."

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