Find freedom in your leadership with our Coach to Thrive Program.

Learn how to bring out the best in your team, achieve incredible results, and thrive as a leader through the power of coaching.

Leading like a hero isn’t working. 

Always be the expert in the room. Have a crystal clear vision. Don’t let your team see you sweat. Being a great strategist is the key to success.

That’s what conventional leadership books and programs will tell you. 

But you’ve tried it their way and it’s not working. In fact, leading like a hero has you feeling  like you’re under siege.

You’re expected to save the day over and over again. Your days are consumed by a steady flow of people wanting answers from you and solutions to their problems. 

Instead of working together to deliver impressive results, your team is caught up in workplace drama and you’ve become their go-to fixer.

You’re exhausted by the need to ‘show up’ as a strong leader with all the answers, when the truth is that sometimes you feel uncertain and unmotivated. 

The day-to-day of your leadership feels like a slog. After all, how can you enjoy the wins along the way, when you know another crisis is bound to crop up at any moment? And you’ll be expected to solve it. Yet again. 

Ready for a hard (but ultimately freeing) truth? The crises aren’t going to go away. No matter how Herculean your efforts to put out every fire, new problems are going to keep cropping up.

What can change is how YOU show up as a leader.

In conscious leadership, being the hero is neither sustainable or effective. You’re so consumed with putting out fires that you don’t have the time or energy to deliver on your ambitious goals. And you may think you’re helping your team by solving their problems, but the truth is you’re suffocating their potential to grow and create. 

What your team and organization need is a skilled coach, not a hero.

Moving from hero to coach makes ALL the difference. 

When you make the shift to being curious, asking really powerful questions, and not needing to know all the answers yourself, everything changes:

  • You have energy to focus on what matters most 
  • You empower those around you to create, grow, and overcome challenges
  • You enjoy the freedom of knowing that you can coach your team to find the solution to any issue (translation: you don’t have to have all the answers)
  • You’re able to deliver incredible results because your team members are working at their full potential

By embracing a coaching style of leadership, you let go of the burden of being the lone superhero and focus on helping your team members discover their untapped talents.

In our Coach to Thrive Program you’ll develop simple-yet-powerful coaching skills that will transform the way you lead. You’ll learn how to:

  • lean into curiosity instead of moving to crises management

  • drop the need to be the ‘advice monster’ in favour of asking powerful questions to unearth creative ideas and solutions 

  • listen at a much deeper level to what is being said (and not said)

  • get more in touch with your intuition and develop trust in your own leadership

  • be better able to “dance in the moment” with whatever is happening

  • draw on your team’s gifts and intelligence and trust them, rather than trying to control them

Ready to gain freedom in your leadership, bring out the full potential of your team and achieve big results for your organization or business? 

Enroll in our 2-day Coach to Thrive Program and move from the exhausted hero to the empowering coach. 

*Please note, we are only accepting 10 leaders for our first Coach to Thrive Program of 2022 (Feb 3 & 4) on a first-come, first-serve basis*

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