Client Testimonials

Carol O'Hanley Testimonial

"The Conscious Leadership Forum is a wonderful place to pause and reflect, gather my thoughts, and come up with useful tools to navigate through life as a business owner, wife and mother. The Forum and its tools has made a huge difference in how I approached my leadership roles."

Carol O'Hanley, Co-owner/Office Manager, EXIT Realty PEI

"Conscious Leadership tools and practices have helped me in every facet of my life and have prepared me for these recent challenging times. They have helped me to be comfortable in the unknown, to decide what is most important in both my work life and my home life, appreciate my team and my family and listen to them from a place of curiosity."

Kate Marshall, Director, Workplace Services, Worker's Compensation Board of PEI

Kate Marshall testimonial
Jordan Brown Testimonial

"By participating in the Conscious Leader Forum, it has allowed me to delve in the seemingly intangible elements that constitute a successful leader and coach. A greater understanding of those elements and strategies as to how to deliberately put them to work, have enabled me to go from feeling like I was spread too thing, like peanut butter on hot toast - to feeling that with the appropriate team we could make deliberate choices to accomplish our chosen goals."

Jordan Brown, Counsel, Cox & Palmer

"The Conscious Leader Forum has helped me navigate and lead through a complete operational disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Mike Hogan, Co-founder + Head Brewer, Upstreet Craft Brewing

Mike Hogan Testimonial
Emma Fugate testimonial
"The Conscious Leader Forum gave me greater insight and awareness of my leadership skills while building close connections with other leaders. Lisa provides a safe place to share challenges, both personal & professional, and the opportunities to practice truly transformational skills. I gained confidence and the applied knowledge to create a more positive & collaborative workplace."
Emma Fugate, President, E Accounting Services

"After putting off joining the Conscious Leader Forum a few times blaming lack of time, I joined in 2020. I immediately experienced a value proposition in committing to developing and practicing conscious leadership skills. The awareness and reflection time has helped guide me in my quest of developing trusted, truthful and productive relationships in both professional and personal settings. The facilitated sessions are delivered expertly by Lisa and are in a trusted space where learning and exploration are welcomed. We all can get caught up in "being busy". The Leader Forum is an investment in awareness and developing what you are choosing to be busy with and how to rise above and become a strategic and thoughtful leader."

Cheryl Paynter, CEO, Workers Compensation Board of PEI

Cheryl Paynter testimonial
Tamzin Gillis testimonial
“I came to Chandler Coaches through sponsorship by my employer as part of my professional development. Since I had worked with Lisa previously, I had high hopes for the course. I have to say, though, it exceeded all expectations. And what I became acutely aware of, as the course progressed and I began to eclipse my old way of being with my new conscious leader skillset, was what a profound impact this work was having on me personally as well. I feel more authentic and resolute in how I show up, both personally and professionally, and I can see that the concepts and learnings from this course will carry-forward for many years to come."
Tamzin Gillis, In-House Legal Counsel, Medical Society of PEI

"Over the past year I have developed a meaningful coaching relationship with Julie Ann that has helped me and my business in many ways. Through her 1:1 coaching I've developed new perspectives, challenged existing thoughts, and improved the way I approach situations in business. There are many different educational and training opportunities out there, but what is unique about Chandler Coaches is it forces you to focus on yourself and ignore all outside influences. By taking a step back and working on my business from the inside out I've learned a lot about navigating entrepreneurship in a more personal way. Julie Ann's personality and approach is always welcoming, approachable, and calming. I've loved my experience working with her and would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to learn and grow."

Brady McCloskey, Owner, Brady McCloskey Photography

Brady McCloskey Testimonial

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