Business Experiments in the Test Kitchen of Life- Part II

February 10, 2010

This past weekend Tanya and I created what I’ve dubbed our Business Experiments in the Test Kitchen of Life Challenge in which we gave ourselves $50 each to buy food in secret which we would then combine to cook up a menu and meal together. Tanya bought: I bought: Morbier cheese Chocolate with pink peppercorns Mussels Oatmeal crisps Red chilli peppers French country farm sausage…

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2009- What I am most proud of

January 1, 2010

2009 was a challening year for me on many fronts. About 3 weeks ago I sat down to do my own year-end questionnaire to complete the year (a tool I share with my coaching clients).  On first pass, I felt depressed and eager for the year to be done.  However, a few conversations and “reframes” later with ardent and supportive friends had me seeing things from a different perspective.…

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All you can – – -?

October 13, 2009

They are Chinese and Indian many other ethnicities.  You often find them in hotels and on cruise ships.  They are often overflowing with plenty, and some would say they are wasteful. Many people overeat at them.  What are THEY? Buffets, of course.  They sound like a great idea when you are really hungry and you often regret it very quickly…

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Four Short Words for Business and Life

May 23, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast meeting hosted by the Association of Québec Women in Finance.  I was blown away by the calibre of the women members—highly intelligent, witty, articulate and beautiful in their skin. The guest speaker, Joanne De Laurentis, was no exception. She’s currently president of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada.  Ms. De Laurentis…

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The Value of Red Velvet Cake

May 7, 2009

Dedication to every client’s success Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships   What do the above points represent?  They are the core values of IBM as developed last year by the 319,000 IBMers around the world who engaged in an open “values jam” on their global internet. Believe it or…

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A Procrastination Buster for Entrepreneurs- Part 2

April 20, 2009

What would you give  to stroke a few of your hardest tasks off your “to do” list without having to do them yourself (and without paying a dime)?  How about giving your time in kind?!   The principle is simple. We call it a work swap and before I go any further, let me give credit to my friend Tanya, owner of Board of Your Life  and my…

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A Procrastination Buster for Entrepreneurs- Part 1

April 19, 2009

So you have a long “to do” list and a few of the same pesky items keep showing up week after week. You just can’t seem to knock them off your list.  Maybe your reoccurring list looks a bit like this: ·         Update contact management software (but you hate IT stuff!) ·         Call people you met at recent Board of Trade…

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An Entrepreneur is Like a Great Tanguero (a.k.a. tango dancer)

April 8, 2009

So you might readily agree that one could draw parallels between tango and sex. I go so far as to say there are parallels between tango and business and specifically that there are common characteristics between tango dancers and entrepreneurs. And it has nothing to do with sex. Hear me out. For starters, is there any dance more complicated to…

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Lisa's top ten list for business impeccability | Chandler Coaching, Ltd.

Business Impeccability

April 3, 2009

Impeccability, being without fault or error, is something to strive for in business.  And it doesn’t have to take on the heavy “absence of sin” definition.  So, go ahead…succeed wildly and make lots of room for mistakes too. In fact, fail and fail again.  As long as you learn each time and ask yourself how you can be more impeccable the next time, you are…

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Life is Sliding Doors

March 13, 2009

Sliding Doors is a 1998 film starring Gwenth Paltrow. The film follows the life of Helen Quilley (Paltrow), who is fired from her  public relations job.  The film’s plot splits into two parallel universes which run in tandem. In one universe, Helen manages to catch a train home on time, and in the other she misses it (see full description).  If Helen…

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