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I Loved the Coaching Module So Much, I am Taking Over The Blog to Tell You About It

December 17, 2021

If our friends at Upstreet Craft Brewing can regularly do “tap takeovers”, we can surely do it here on our blog. Today, we introduce to you Jackie Skinner, a leader participating in a current cohort of our Thriving Leaders Forum (formerly known as The Conscious Leader Forum). Jackie was so thrilled with the skills she learned in our session where…

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How will saying no now, help me say yes to something better? | Chandler Coaches, Ltd #leadershipdevelopment

The Art of Saying No

June 12, 2012

You want me to walk away from that deal? Really? Have you ever had the sinking feeling when closing a deal that something isn’t right?  That the hard-fought battle to win the business has left you with no energy to actually deliver? Maybe the timeline is too short, the budget too small, the client not engaged or the company not…

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Tips to Transition into a Management Role

February 14, 2012

Promote Yourself to Manager When you are promoted into a management position there are some important considerations to set yourself up for success. The first is to promote yourself to manager. It may seem simple but it’s important to figure out what you were good at before and let that go. The winning strategies that had you succeed before are…

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Steven Johnson Knows Where Good Ideas Come From

November 7, 2010

This month’s book club selection was a double whammy for me: good reading and good for business.  The title–Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation–intrigued me when my friend proposed it and the timeline she issued us was a challenge. The book was only released around Oct 5th so we had to order it and read it…

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Forbes Says, “Professional Coaching Continues to Satisfy Consumers”

November 3, 2010

An overwhelming majority of people who have experienced professional coaching are satisfied with their experience and would recommend coaching to others, according to a new study by the International Coach Federation (ICF). the article goes on to say Satisfaction levels can most likely be attributed to high returns on investment as well. In previous research the ICF found that coaching…

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The Joy of Conversation (Even at Work)

October 20, 2010

Conversation can be the most sublime of human experiences. This comes from the German poet Goethe.  Many would agree.  To have a real conversation is a great joy. So how do you do it in your day to day interactions? And more particularly how do you do it at work? It being a “have a real conversation” (not the “it”,…

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When to call the coach

June 5, 2010

Hey, look who is featured today! What a pleasure to wake up and read the great coverage on business coaching (and my coaching!) as today’s feature on the front page of the business section of The Gazette: When to Call the Coach. Thank you Alison MacGregor for writing a balanced and comprehensive feature on business coaching. Thank you, Marie-Claude Pelletier, my client and President of Les…

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Playing to Your (VIA) Strengths

January 11, 2010

Twice in the past month I was pointed to the online VIA Survey of Character (or VIA Inventory of Strengths, VIA-IS). I didn’t pay it much attention the first time (it was Christmas after all!) but the second time it crossed my radar, I checked it out as it was presented as the “un-DSM-IV” which essentially means it is not about mental…

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Business Creativity and Innovation Thanks to Mr. Potato Head (and Frosty)

January 7, 2010

According to Hasbro: The three newest members of the MR. POTATO HEAD family offer tons of imaginative fun for playful toddlers. The charming PRINCESS SWEET POTATO figure comes complete with tiara and frog prince for royal adventures, and FRYER FIGHTER tater is ready to squelch flames with his handy fire extinguisher.  Swashbuckling spud CAPTAIN POTATO CHIPS figurine has a peg leg,…

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Choosing and Using the Right Coach

September 21, 2009

This article was written by Peggy Grall, executive coach and author of Just Change It.  The article was shared with me by Corry Robertson, a performance leadership coach who is participating in our upcoming Coach Buffet on Oct 15th in Montreal and November 17th in Toronto. Choosing a coach is a lot like shopping for shoes, and can be almost as frustrating. You…

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