Impeccability, being without fault or error, is something to strive for in business.  And it doesn’t have to take on the heavy “absence of sin” definition.  So, go ahead…succeed wildly and make lots of room for mistakes too. In fact, fail and fail again.  As long as you learn each time and ask yourself how you can be more impeccable the next time, you are golden.

Here’s my top ten list on Business Impeccability:

Intentions matter. Get clear on what you want for your business, your customers and your employees.

Mentor. Share your gifts.

Pay on time.

Educate yourself every chance you get.

Coach and champion your employees. And get your own coach. You need a champion too.

Celebrate your successes (and failures) with those who helped you. Take time to stop and assess what you learned.

Admit when you have screwed up.

Be punctual—for meetings, on deliverables, returning phone calls—on everything. If you are going to be late, CALL!

Listen deeply…to your employees, your customers and to your own intuition.

Entertain what you would rather avoid.  Go to the difficult places with customers and employees.  There is honey there.  You and your business will be rewarded for it.

“Impeccable” has 10 letters.  The perfect number for a top ten list. Now that’s impeccable! 

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