From braggy to bold

Just yesterday a partner in a large professional firm was telling me (again) how nervous he feels when asked to present to other partners and clients. He looks at how well dressed and polished everyone else looks and wonders what they’d think if they knew how shaky he feels inside. Believe me, this guy really knows his stuff but repeatedly comes to our coaching sessions judging himself harshly for his past presentations and feeling daunted by his future ones.

Our conversations also reveal how often he has to talk himself into saying yes when invited to speak on his subject matter expertise. He tells me that he “HAS to say yes”, that he “MUST present in a certain way for these BRAG FESTS” and that if he presented in a more authentic way, he’d likely embarrass himself.  

Believe me when I tell you that all his inspiration falls away when he comes at it this way. He feels exhausted. He questions himself and wonders about his future with the company.

He wants to be more confident like his peers. But this is NOT a matter of confidence or nerves.

Many coaches quickly turn to coaching on presentation skills and executive presence, speech writing and breathing etc.  And these have a role. But they do not fix the underlying issue.  

They are “outer game” fixes for an inner game issue! 

What my client needed instead was a way to help him get crystal clear on what he needs to be able to say a resounding YES to these presentations, how he can win by being himself AND how he can use his nervous feelings to help him shine! 

In less than an hour together, my client saw how he could be more himself and thrive, while still saying yes to these presentations.

You can have this too. In fact, you can have it soon. 

We are offering Thrive Sessions where we’ll give you our full presence for 45 min. You’ll leave with greater clarity and first steps toward what you want most in your life/leadership just like my client this week did. 

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When you thrive, so do we. In conscious leadership, we call this a “win for all”. See you on a Thrive Session soon.

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