Sharing Makes A Better "Idea" Soup

June 27, 2009

I recently had an idea for a really cool coaching concept and I shared it with my friend and coaching colleague Tanya Geisler. Now we are partnering on the idea and getting more excited about it each time we meet about it.  In parallel, the notion of hoarding (things, information) versus sharing has crossed my radar a few times (and you may…

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How Do You Show Up for No-Show Clients?

June 20, 2009

I have had a number of no show coaching clients in June.  I could take it personally (and admittedly in the moment when it happens, I feel a certain disrespect).  But I know better.  It is not about me and my coaching.  It does, however, impact my coaching relationships and it certainly affects my business (though not in the dollars…

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The key question to determine customer loyalty

June 11, 2009

About five years ago, George Thompson, President of Headcan Health Education Media, gave me a reprint of a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article that he was exuberant about. We were focussing on client satisfaction and the article—The One Number You Need to Grow— cut right to the chase (you will have to pay Harvard Business Review if you want to…

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Will You Gobble the Marshmallow or Wait?

May 29, 2009

There is much attention lately into what creates success.  Malcolm Gladwell demonstrates that it is the accumulation of advantages (i.e. intelligence/ talent, being born at the right time, having access to what you need to practice and learn, putting in the time practicing and learning etc.).  This must see TED video clip by Joachim de Posada adds another predictor into the…

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Four Short Words for Business and Life

May 23, 2009

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast meeting hosted by the Association of Québec Women in Finance.  I was blown away by the calibre of the women members—highly intelligent, witty, articulate and beautiful in their skin. The guest speaker, Joanne De Laurentis, was no exception. She’s currently president of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada.  Ms. De Laurentis…

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Business Problems = Personal Problems in Disguise!

May 14, 2009

The notion that business problems are personal problems in disguise I believe can be traced to Thomas Leonard, the father of modern life and business coaching. It’s simple.  Businesses are run by people. And as you know, people have problems from time to time. On the surface, it is easy to accept that some business problems are personal problems but all business…

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From Red Velvet Cake to Red Velvet Ropes

May 8, 2009

Yesterday’s topic was company values (see The Value of Red Velvet Cake). Today I am on to the value of having a red velvet rope to keep non-ideal clients out!  Yes. You heard right. The idea belongs to Michael Port, business coach, and author of the widely read Book Yourself Solid. Port conjures up the velvet rope you may encounter when…

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The Value of Red Velvet Cake

May 7, 2009

Dedication to every client’s success Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships   What do the above points represent?  They are the core values of IBM as developed last year by the 319,000 IBMers around the world who engaged in an open “values jam” on their global internet. Believe it or…

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Who’s Got Your Back?

April 30, 2009

Today I enjoyed a beautiful lunch of salmon and salad prepared by a very good friend. Right beside my plate was a newsletter about an entrepreneur group from Ivey that she thought would be relevant to my business development.  As lunch progressed, she remembered another article she wanted me to have and ran to get this morning’s Globe and Mail from her recycling bin. Interestingly,…

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Difficult Conversations for Business Owners

April 24, 2009

You have made a decision to let a longstanding employee go because she no longer adds value to your company; your number one supplier is slipping badly and if they don’t improve, you are going to contract with another supplier; you need to tell your wife you are going on a week long golf trip with your buddies (and you neglected…

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