Who benefits from Conscious Leadership?

Written by Shelby McDonald

If you’re wondering who benefits most from Conscious Leadership Coaching, Coach Julie Ann has an answer. 

“It is for someone who wants to take it to the next level,” says Coach Julie Ann. “Or if they’re at a level where they are feeling a little bit outpaced or overwhelmed. They can learn these skills to learn to match what the expectations are for what they need to do in their work and be more playful with it or have more fun. Do it with more energy or more ease rather than going into work every day feeling super overwhelmed or exhausted, and just like everything is piling on top of them.” 

In what situations does Conscious Leadership work best? All of them, says Julie Ann with a laugh. 

“It’s dynamic, and it will ebb and flow with whatever the situation is. Anytime you’re facing uncertainty, complexity when you’re feeling afraid, scared or sad,” says Julie Ann. “Or even when you’re feeling happy, conscious leadership can play a role in any way to enhance you.”

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