Leadership Assessment & Coaching

Work one on one with a leadership coach to elevate your leadership (and your life).

You are a leader of people and projects who wants to make a bigger impact.

At your best, you are a strong, capable leader. Your past successes show this.

Sometimes though, you react too quickly or the opposite--you are frozen in indecision. You may have some conversations you’ve been avoiding. You may wonder how you could possibly take on anything else. 

You may even fear that if others knew what you worry about, they’d demote you from your leadership role.

We question ourselves sometimes too. That's why we also have our own coaches!

You can have far more influence and impact than you do now. And guess what? It can be easier and more fun than you think.

If you are looking for deep learning and powerful change in a confidential setting, leadership assessment and coaching could be the right fit. 

 You’ll know you are ready if: 

  • You want to take 100 percent responsibility for your own growth as a person and a leader and you believe change is possible;
  • You’re sick of being stuck and/or there is something you really want to achieve/become; 
  • There is something driving you to act now (e.g., a possible promotion, your team is starting to implode etc.); 
  • You don't want to do it alone.

Are you ready to be radically supported so you grow as a human and as a leader?

What does coaching look like at Chandler Coaches? 

Delivered over 6 months to a year, we often start with a Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) 360 assessment.  The LCP is the best leadership assessment that we have ever used both from its rigors and its ability to get to the heart of the matter. The generous feedback, gathered from the evaluators you choose,  is presented in a clear way that highlights a developmental path.  Together with your coach, you identify a  "One Big Thing" goal and a couple of key behaviors that will transform your leadership. 

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Individual coaching sessions, held in our beautiful downtown Charlottetown offices or virtually, support you in your leadership development ongoingly.  The agenda is YOURS to direct.  Your coach "dances in the moment" with whatever issues you want to work on, all the while holding your vision for the life and leadership you want to create. 

Typical outcomes of coaching:

  • Having greater influence and impact as a leader and having it be easier! 
  • Feeling lighter, happier and more self-accepting;
  • A greater abililty to choose how to respond versus habitually "problem reacting";
  • Being a stronger coach to your team;
  • Better business/organizational results.

Ready to take the first step to move closer to what you want?

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If coaching is the right fit, we can start without delay. If not, we’ll help you find the right path for you.