Pam Slim applies Jim Collin’s Hedgehog concept to help you find your career passion in her recent book Escape from Cubicle Nation.

The comparisons below are taken from Good to Great and apply to business. 

Good to Great companies (GTGC) follow a pattern of build up to breakthrough (an accumulation of steps, one after the other, turn by turn of the fly wheel; it is an organic and evolutionary process).

Good to Dead companies (GTDC) [my wording] skip the build up and jump right to breakthrough, implementing big programs, radical change efforts, and chronic restructuring always looking for a miracle moment or new saviour.

GTGC confront brutal facts; GTDC embrace fads and management hoopla.

GTGC have a hedgehog concept and consistently stay within the three circles; GTDC are inconsistent, lurch back and forth and stray outside the three circles.

GTGC have the right people who follow disciplined thought and action; GTDC jump to action without disciplined thought and without getting the right people on the bus.

GTCG harness appropriate technology to their Hedgehog concept; GTDC run around like Chicken Little, fearful of being left behind the latest technology.

GTCG have internal alignment because their momentum is infectious; GTDC expend energy to align and motivate people to their changing visions.

GTGC let results do the talking; GTDC sell the future to compensate for their lack of results.

It’s been proven that companies that apply the concepts of GTGC eventually reach breakthough.  What path will you choose?

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