They are Chinese and Indian many other ethnicities.  You often find them in hotels and on cruise ships.  They are often overflowing with plenty, and some would say they are wasteful. Many people overeat at them.  What are THEY?

guests-hotel-buffet_~HTL106Buffets, of course.  They sound like a great idea when you are really hungry and you often regret it very quickly after when you have eaten too much and realize the food all tasted the same.

Why, you might ask, am I discussing the merits of a buffet in a blog focussed on coaching for small business owners and professionals?  Some of you know the answer because I have been talking about it incessantly for a number of months now! Yep. Coach Buffet. It’s a new kind of buffet. Coaching is on the menu and we are serving possibility. 

CoachBuffetMy partner Tanya Geisler and I are launching Coach Buffet as a new format for coaching (and a new business venture for us) to show professionals and business owners the power of coaching and to help prospective clients and coaches find a great coaching match in a very short time.

So if you will be in the Montreal area on Thursday evening (Oct 15th) and want to deal with a real life or business issue in a fun and meaningful evening out, join us at the buffet!  Our line up of Montreal coaches—whose flavours range from start up business coaching to intuitive life coaching–will leave you feeling full of possibility and no regrets.   

Coach Buffet hits Toronto on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009.

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