About Chandler Coaches

Who We Are

We are a professional coaching company founded by Lisa Chandler. Since our humble beginnings in Montreal in 2009, we’ve grown into our mission to create conscious, playful and profound experiences for leaders to transform themselves and our world. Leaders who have worked with Chandler Coaches go on to make a profoundly positive difference in our world.

Conscious leadership IS the answer in our organizations. It matters because it reduces drama, increases engagement and helps leaders create environments that both drive important results and become desirable places to work.

Since moving Chandler Coaches to PEI 7+ years ago, we’ve had the privilege of coaching growth-minded leaders who are the movers and shakers in our vibrant city and on our Island.

As we expand into our offices in downtown Charlottetown, we are excited to create a physical centre for conscious leadership to grow.

Imagine the possibilities as we collectively raise the bar on leadership and live into our vision with Island and Atlantic Canadian leaders!

Meet Lisa Chandler, CEO and Founder of Chandler Coaches

Among her many roles, she is proud to be a leader, an entrepreneur, and a coach. Her favourite role of all is being a mother to a ten year old girl who is a budding entrepreneur herself (Check out Les fleurs de Lali on Facebook).

Many leaders have told Lisa they are delighted to discover that they can access world-class leadership development in their backyard instead of travelling multiple times a year to larger centres.

To bring the best leadership development to PEI and Atlantic Canada, Lisa invests in her own leadership growth regularly.

She's honed her craft through plenty of coaching certifications, previous roles in the public and private sectors, and more than a decade of coaching leaders across North America. For the past seven years, she has intentionally focused on leaders on PEI, home to her family and her heart.

If you want a coach who will help you set a bunch of 10x goals and push you to achieve them, Lisa is not your coach.

That is not to say she won’t help you achieve lofty goals or push you. It is to say that after more than a decade of coaching leaders, she knows that the most highly effective leaders are the most self-aware and that leadership development is an inside-out job.

Truly great leaders strengthen their inner game — uncovering their beliefs, blindspots, and habitual tendencies — so they can lead a strong outer game (of 10x growth if that's what matters).

Through the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 Assessment and an extensive toolkit of conscious leadership practices, Lisa helps leaders upgrade their “internal operating system” so they become the leaders people aspire to be and have a great time doing it.

Meet Lisa Doyle-MacBain, Manager of Client Services

Lisa Doyle-MacBain adds efficiency and polish to our Chandler Coaches client experience. She guides clients through our leadership assessment process and effectively handles many organizational and logistical details of our business.

Her kids joke that she’s the “Chandler Handler” because she is instrumental in helping Lisa C run a smooth operation.

Lisa is a self-employed management consultant working in many diverse fields. She has a record of positive working relations with officials in the municipal, provincial, and federal public service, with private enterprise, with educators, and with the community at large.

She has strong decision-making, time management, conceptual, analytical, and communication skills. Lisa is dedicated to organization and efficiency, and she thrives in a challenging and changing environment.

Lisa’s other employment contracts include serving as the Executive Director of a non-profit industry association and as the Marketing and Events Manager for a local historic property. She currently volunteers as a Board member with Big Brothers Big Sisters PEI, and as the President of the UPEI Alumni Association. 

Lisa attained a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Certificate in Public Administration from the University of Prince Edward Island.

She resides in Charlottetown with her husband and three children.

Meet Julie Ann Gauthier, Leadership Coach

Julie Ann is passionate about developing leaders and driving change. She has seen first hand that the best leaders are willing to work on themselves to lead effectively. 

After obtaining her BBA from UPEI, Julie Ann moved to Calgary where she stayed for 10 years. While in Calgary, she obtained her MBA from the University of Calgary and held leadership roles at various levels. Working for Intact Insurance, Canada’s largest P&C insurance company, she led the Claims Operations department. This team of 100 employees was the epicentre of all west claims functions and was an integral part of meeting client expectations. During the time she led this team employee engagement reached 90%, an accomplishment that Julie Ann remains very proud of. 

In this fast paced environment Julie Ann learned how to balance customer and company needs with ensuring there was time for team building, celebrating accomplishments and getting to know her group as individuals. Investing in her own leadership development meant Julie Ann could help her managers become stronger leaders too. She takes great pride in developing others by working with them on self awareness and working outside their comfort zones.  

Since moving back to PEI in 2018, Julie Ann has been honing her coaching skills. Joining Chandler Coaches allows her to bring her training and experience together while working directly with, and learning from, Lisa Chandler. She is excited to contribute to scaling Chandler Coaches to have more impact on PEI and in Atlantic Canada.

Outside of her time as a coach Julie Ann owns and operates Joey’s Deep Sea Fishing with her brother, Jamie. They are proud to grow their father’s company. Having grown up in the tourism industry, Julie Ann enjoys working with other businesses to attract visitors to PEI. She enjoys giving back to the community and is the President of Central Coastal Tourism Partnership (CCTP) and Vice President of Empower PEI.