Lisa Chandler video - Tips to Transition into a Management Position

Promote Yourself to Manager

When you are promoted into a management position there are some important considerations to set yourself up for success. The first is to promote yourself to manager. It may seem simple but it’s important to figure out what you were good at before and let that go.

The winning strategies that had you succeed before are not going to be the same to help you succeed as a manager. For example perhaps you were a great programmer and now you’re going to manage a team of programmers. You need a new skill set and you need to step into that role, so it require promoting yourself and mentally shifting gears.

Next get up to speed as fast as possible. Get your hands on reports, interview some key stakeholders and colleagues, go on some training for management, learn everything you can as fast as you can and at the same time asses the business situation.Are you walking into a start-up, a turn-around situation or is it business as usual – get in there and keep things flowing well. The sooner you know what you’re walking into the sooner you can match your approach to the business situation and start having an impact.

Discuss Expectations as Manager

Now paint a picture. What I mean here is sit down with your boss and get really clear about what success looks like. Come up with the expectations and how you are going to measure yourself against those expectations and how your boss will measure you. It would be a shame to find out 6 months later that your boss is not happy that you are not hitting the mark when you could have sat down at the very beginning and got really clear about what you are needing to create in a management role.

Once you’ve painted a picture of success it’s really important to get some early wins. Maybe you’re stepping into a role where you will deliver a project two years down the road. It’s really important to get your team to have a few wins in the first month or two with you as the manager. It will build trust, the trust the team has for you and it will build your confidence as a manager.

Managers Need Support

Finally the people I’ve coached that have most successfully transitioned into a management role have set themselves up with a community of support. They’ve hired a business coach, got a mentor, sometimes both. They have reached out to their colleagues to build a circle of support. They’ve asked family an friends to be kind during the transition and they’ve leaned on some routines like good sleeping habits, exercise, eating well and having a good time when they are not working to keep life integrated and balanced.

There are lots of resources out there. I find this book to be particularly helpful with my clients. The First 90 days by Michael Watkins. Thanks for watching.


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