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We support high-achieving leaders who sometimes feel outpaced, overwhelmed or uncertain and help them create the outcomes they want. And have fun while doing it.

Ways we can work together:


One-on-one executive coaching customized for discerning leaders who want to level up their leadership.


A community of growth-minded leaders who understand that peer learning is jet fuel for their leadership.

Experience Conscious Leadership

A quick but deep dive into conscious leadership complete with a tool kit to put to use right away.

Leadership is an Inside-Out Job

At Chandler Coaches, we used to set leaders up to fail. Yes. We said it.

We would unintentionally collude with our clients by helping them set too many shallow, transactional goals. Then we’d watch them struggle and wonder why our coaching wasn’t really sticking. Sound familiar?

Now, after years of coaching leaders and investing big in our own growth, we know that leadership is an inside-out job. The most effective leaders strengthen their inner game (self-awareness/consciousness) so they can run a strong outer game (strategy, leading people, achieving results etc.).

After all, 10x growth and 90-day plans only go so far...

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Blog Posts about Leadership

Wherever you go, there you are

Wherever you go, there you are.

September 20, 2021
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I had high hopes for the summer of 2021. At Chandler Coaches, we’d made a promise to each other that we’d largely take the summer off. We had planned our business year accordingly, knowing how privileged we were that we could even contemplate taking a break. And despite that business wasn’t as nicely tied up in a bow in June as I had hoped, I put it down and ran toward my summer plans1.   Let me…

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Leadership beyond the workplace

Leadership beyond the workplace

August 10, 2021
Posted in

Written by Shelby McDonald When you hear the word ‘Leadership,’ most of us think of our workplace and what it means to be an excellent leader to our employees or colleagues. But what Lisa Chandler has found, both for herself and in her clients, practicing conscious leadership can dramatically improve…

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Playing the long game

Playing the long game

August 6, 2021
Posted in

This past year has reminded our coach Lisa, why she loves being a conscious leadership coach. The work is interesting, challenging and, at the end of the day, gratifying to Lisa. While she started her career in central Canada, she’s so glad it’s brought her back to her roots on…

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