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12 week online intensive with a combination of group and 1:1 coaching to amplify your learning and growth.


A community of growth-minded leaders who understand that peer learning is jet fuel for their leadership.

Leadership Assessment & Coaching

 Combine the power of a 360 assessment with one-on-one coaching to elevate your leadership. 

Leadership is an Inside-Out Job

At Chandler Coaches, we used to set leaders up to fail. Yes. We said it.

We would unintentionally collude with our clients by helping them set too many shallow, transactional goals. Then we’d watch them struggle and wonder why our coaching wasn’t really sticking. Sound familiar?

Now, after years of coaching leaders and investing big in our own growth, we know that leadership is an inside-out job. The most effective leaders strengthen their inner game (self-awareness/consciousness) so they can run a strong outer game (strategy, leading people, achieving results etc.).

After all, 10x growth and 90-day plans only go so far...

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Blog Posts about Leadership

She’s Letting Go (Again)

November 15, 2022
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I can tell my life story in a series of goals and how I’ve achieved them (or not), moved on from them, how I’ve come up with new goals, and started the pursuit again.  Like interesting music, in reaching my goals I’ve encountered unexpected twists necessitating that I insert pauses in…

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What Leadership Books Could Never Give Me

November 14, 2022
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When I was promoted to a team manager at my company, I picked up  every book on leadership I could find. I read blogs; I listened to podcasts and webinars.  I learned lots of different tips and tricks and soaked up all the  advice I could find. But something was…

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No Ground Beneath My Feet

October 14, 2022
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When things fall apart and we’re on the verge of we know not what, the test of each of us is to stay on that brink and not concretize. The spiritual journey is not about heaven and finally getting to a place that’s really swell. Pema Chödrön

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