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Atlantic Canada's Centre
for Conscious Leadership

We support high-achieving leaders who sometimes feel outpaced, overwhelmed or uncertain and help them create the outcomes they want. And have fun while doing it.

Ways we can work together:


One-on-one executive coaching customized for discerning leaders who want to level up their leadership.


A community of growth-minded leaders who understand that peer learning is jet fuel for their leadership.

Experience Conscious Leadership

A quick but deep dive into conscious leadership complete with a tool kit to put to use right away.

Leadership is an Inside-Out Job

At Chandler Coaches, we used to set leaders up to fail. Yes. We said it.

We would unintentionally collude with our clients by helping them set too many shallow, transactional goals. Then we’d watch them struggle and wonder why our coaching wasn’t really sticking. Sound familiar?

Now, after years of coaching leaders and investing big in our own growth, we know that leadership is an inside-out job. The most effective leaders strengthen their inner game (self-awareness/consciousness) so they can run a strong outer game (strategy, leading people, achieving results etc.).

After all, 10x growth and 90-day plans only go so far...

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Fun Freedom Ease

The path to fun, freedom & ease

July 20, 2021
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Written by Shelby McDonald When you meet Coach Julie Ann, it’s not hard to tell that she loves what she does.  Julie Ann has been a Conscious Coach with Chandler Coaches for over a year. She facilitates the Experience Conscious Leadership Virtual Forum as well as the Conscious Leadership Entrepreneur…

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Inner game matters

The Inner Game Matters

July 20, 2021
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Written by Shelby McDonald When it comes to conscious leadership, it’s an inside-out game, says Chandler Coaches founder Lisa Chandler.  “Our clients are already very competent leaders, but many feel outpaced and overwhelmed, especially these days,” she says. “It doesn’t make any sense to add more “to do’s” or “how…

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Benefit Conscious Leadership

Who benefits from Conscious Leadership?

July 8, 2021
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Written by Shelby McDonald If you’re wondering who benefits most from Conscious Leadership Coaching, Coach Julie Ann has an answer.  “It is for someone who wants to take it to the next level,” says Coach Julie Ann. “Or if they’re at a level where they are feeling a little bit…

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