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Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions for Business Owners


Do you have ambitious aspirations yet find yourself stuck “changing the light bulbs” in your business and lamenting how you are not moving forward fast enough with your bigger goals? A Focus Session helps you get your business (and your life) back in focus so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

A focus session is an intensive two hour session. We work together to:

  1. Reflect: Where are you now? What are the issues at hand? What are your obstacles?  You can’t solve a problem if you can’t put your finger on it. Some pre-session questions will help you dive in.
  2. Aspire: What do you really want? A Focus Session provides you with a sounding board and guidance to create an inspiring future, stating your goals clearly so you can move toward them with confidence and clarity.
  3. Act: A clear set up action steps will help you reach the goals that are most resonant. You will leave with a concise (and short) plan that you feel committed to act on.
  4. Account!  We all need help to stay accountable to our goals. Every focus session is followed up by a coaching session a couple of weeks later to check in on your progress, celebrate your success and plan for what is next to keep you on track.

A limited number of sessions are available.

Book your focus session by
calling 902.314.0016 or emailing lisa@chandlercoaches.com