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Laser Focus or Full Potential.

Coaching sessions carve out time for you to think strategically about your business, your purpose, your strengths (and limitations) and your priorities. It’s a practical approach that confronts what’s going on for you right now and clears a path so you can act on your best intentions. I’ll help you get motivated, inspired and moving purposefully. A little or a lot – coaching goes a long way!

Focus Sessions

This could be right for you if…

You’re an established business leader and are feeling unsure of your next big move, concerned about business growth, or frustrated with your own leadership. Focus sessions could also be just right if things are going better than you ever imagined and you need a sounding board to get grounded. You aren’t looking for a full-on coaching partner, but you could benefit from a couple of very impactful sessions to get you on track.

Typical Outcomes

Newfound clarity on what’s important, perspective on what needs to continue and what needs to change, and clear action steps for you to take so you move forward with confidence.

Bonus Benefits

Most clients jump right into positive actions and, after 1-2 Focus Sessions, report feeling happier with their own leadership and more satisfied with their accomplishments and direction.

What’s Included

  • A brief questionnaire that helps you zero in on the most important focus areas for our sessions;
  • One 90-minute opening session to assess the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business;
  • One 60-minute follow up session that helps hold you accountable to the actions revealed by our original session and carries on your momentum.

Interested? Let’s talk now.

Invested Partnership

Invested Partnership with Lisa Chandler of Chandler Coaches

This could be right for you if…

You’re an established business and leader feel you’re not moving fast enough in the right direction. You’re stuck and unable to commit to some big decisions, or you’re feeling frustrated that you or your business are not reaching their potential. You might also be exceeding your wildest expectations and need a partner to help you deal with your success!  

Typical Outcomes

Sharper focus, feeling more supported and in control, more intentional and less overwhelmed and a strengthened ability to coach others to step into greater roles. Often, you will have a happier team and a clear path to create significant business growth!

Bonus Benefits

I share your desire for freedom, recognition, contribution, innovation and accomplishment and I know how to help you create this in your business life. When you commit to your leadership growth with the help of a kind, curious, honest ally, you start to make life-lasting changes. It’s true!

What’s Included

  • A deep dive questionnaire that helps you frame what you want from our partnership;
  • An opening session to help us frame what you want from our partnership and often a Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment to give you instant insight into your leadership;
  • Regular coaching sessions (in person or via phone/ Skype) for 4+ months;
  • A completion session to tie everything together when we wrap up;
  • Access to email/ phone support, tools and templates focused on your growth as a leader.

Thinking about it? Let’s talk now.

The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP)

This could be right for you if…

You truly want to understand your strengths and current limitations as a leader.  You believe that adjusting your way of leading can improve business results.  You are leading a team that isn’t gelling yet or that you know could be more effective.  Maybe you are concerned that your boss or board chair (if you have one), your peers and your team are not comfortable giving you the straight goods face to face.  With The Leadership Circle Profile you get honest, anonymous feedback from your team on well-researched leadership competencies.  Deep insights are instantly accessible.

Typical Outcomes

The Leadership Circle Profile is a brilliant shortcut to a powerful coaching conversation.  This conversation can change the game very quickly for your leadership.  Strong leadership is directly correlated to strong business results.

Bonus Benefits

My clients gain insight into their behaviour and what is driving it.  Sustainable change rarely happens without this level of understanding.  The learnings go far beyond their professional world and help them in their entire life.

What’s Included

  • An initial meeting to understand the assessment process and select evaluators;
  • Materials and support to administer the online assessment and undertake your own self-assessment;
  • a 90 minute debrief session to discuss your Leadership Circle Profile report: a revealing picture of your own leadership including:
    • How your boss (if you have one), peers, team, clients and other leaders you work with on boards see you as a leader;
    • How you rate your own leadership;
    • How you compare to a database of over 50,000 leaders/ aspiring leaders who have taken TLCP globally.
  • a follow-up coaching session a week or two later to create a learning development plan

Thinking about it? Let’s talk now.

Leadership Culture Survey

This could be right for you if…

You want to understand the leadership culture at your organization. This baseline data on the state of your collective leadership can be completed at the organizational level, the senior leadership team level or in a specific business unit or division.

Typical Outcomes

The Leadership Culture Survey provides a clear snapshot of the gaps between the current reality and the desired future of leadership at your company. This snapshot helps you quickly zero in on the 1-2 main lever points to substantially improve your individual and collective leadership to drive engagement and business results.

Bonus Benefits

You’ll gain a clear understanding of the universal model of leadership and be able to qualify and quantify the impact of leadership on your business results. You’ll also have a baseline that you can compare with to show growth.

What’s Included

  • An online survey that can be taken by as few or as many in the organization as makes sense;
  • An easy to understand graphic report;
  • Facilitated team sessions to create development plans to close the most important gap(s).


I don’t have time for coaching.

I get that.  There have been times in my business when I didn’t feel I needed coaching or didn’t feel I could commit enough time and attention to make the investment pay off.  In those times, I didn’t work with a coach.  When the times were right though, coaching was a key business strategy for me.  I can say with certainty that I would not have been able to continue happily as an entrepreneur without the guidance of some fabulous coaches along the way.  When my confidence was flagging or I was stuck not knowing which way to turn, my coaches helped solidify my direction and take actions on a plan. I couldn’t have grown as much as a leader or professional without them.

I’m concerned that it’s a big investment.

Think about this; coaching is an investment with a significant return in your personal well-being and in business results. Effective leaders significantly outperform ineffective leaders 100% of the time! Your renewed clarity, vision and commitment builds business strategically, rather than reactively. I can help reframe dreams into plans and plans into actionable steps. I will hold you accountable so you don’t get side-tracked or give up. I know you’ve got great ideas and the energy to realize them – let me help coax them out of you and into your business leadership.


Share your hesitations with me and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Groups and Teams


There is a lot to be gained from coaching, even if it’s not 1:1. Getting together as a team to shift the way you think, act or approach the work can be an incredibly valuable exercise!

If your team needs to learn new perspectives, new skills and to be held accountable for leadership and business growth, team coaching and assessment yields nice returns.

Other times, I act as an external facilitator and this can help you achieve breakthroughs: in creating a shared vision, strategizing and action planning, or working through conflict.

I offer workshop sessions (lunch and learns etc.) on business growth and leadership topics if you need content that will get your people thinking in new ways.

The Leadership Culture Survey gives organizations a clear snapshot of the gaps between the current reality and the desired future of leadership at your company.

Want to discuss what group approach is right for your team? Let’s chat now.

Karen Campbell Cox and Palmer.jpgI thought your session on Friday was excellent. You are knowledgeable, experienced and very practical in how you go about your work—3 of my favourite things! I hope this is the start of a very productive working relationship.
-Karen Campbell, Partner, Cox & Palmer Law