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The Village People Build My Business

A village to raise a business

In my ongoing fascination about how much help I receive in business, I decided I’d write a post about how it takes a village…to raise a business. Don’t you know it. A like minded Canadian entrepreneur named Jude beat me to the punch. Good for her.

While I may be a solo-preneur, I have involved family, friends (and some of their spouses!), mentors, advisors, coaches, consultants and even tango partners in my business.   They are my village.

Asking for what I want

Long ago, my dad taught me to ask people for what I need. His teaching came in the form of him demonstrating it repeatedly in his own life. Good going, dad.

Even so, asking remains uncomfortable for me. And it’s possible that my requests are not always welcome. Nonetheless, I have seen time and time again how much opens up when I simply ask.

[Being vulnerable + uncomfortable= great things]

It’s counter-intuitive math, I know.

Clients are villagers too

Many of my coaching clients offer their support through word of mouth referrals, articles, ideas, and introductions. It’s inspiring to live among them.

A great place to grow up

In reality, my village is more like a small bustling city. Happily, the mini metropolis of human connections I have created is a safe and friendly place to raise my business.  How about yours? Is it time to call a town hall meeting?

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