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The Art & Science of Building a Business

My coaching approach has been compared to a business suit with a silk blouse underneath.

This has less to do with how I actually dress than how I help with all the things that need to be buttoned down in business (policies, processes, systems) and all the things that need to be woken up (big dreams about what’s possible, new product innovation, and how the work gets done).

My expertise comes from coaching certifications (jump here to see them) and the business acumen, experience and best practices gleaned from having coached hundreds of business leaders in North America.

My clients are skilled business leaders who already know what they are doing. Sometimes they need a sounding board to get clarity; a champion to help them leap when they are playing too safe; an objective advisor to tell them what other great companies and leaders are doing; and a confidante when they need to unload worries or make tough decisions.

I bring calm and clarity when a client feels chaotic.

Past clients report that in the first few sessions of coaching with me, things that have been languishing start getting done, almost magically. They all say their investment in coaching yields immediate returns.

Credentials and Experience

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. I am currently working toward my Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation.

I am also certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment, and the Leadership Culture Survey, helping leaders understand what helps them lead and what holds them back.  

I completed a B.Sc. (UPEI) and M.Sc. in Community Development/ Adult Education (Guelph). I’ve also worked in health system planning, administration, and marketing and sales.

Since 2008, I’ve been fortunate to coach hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders and aspiring leaders all over North America. The more I coach, the better I integrate coaching with teaching and mentoring to save my clients from mistakes that eat up time and money.

CC Client MAP

All my coaching is customized to my clients needs. Most often I work 1:1 with a business leader. I also love to coach leadership teams because change is accelerated when a group of leaders help each other grow.

Proud Mama of a Baby and a Business

lisachandler3 I excelled at my job as Director of Sales for a pharmaceutical marketing agency. I got to work with a lot of great people and develop strong sales and leadership skills. But I longed for the freedom to truly trail-blaze and create a life that fit me to a T.

In 2008, I left that lucrative job for an entirely new business path: coaching. While training to be a coach, I chose to have a baby on my own. Making it happen took a long time and turned out to be the biggest challenge of my life. Looking back, I’m proud of my tenacity and strength in the face of repeated failures.

Now I’m the mother of a beautiful and curious five year old girl. Birthing and caring for two babies – a baby girl and a fledgling business was extremely draining at times. I’m thankful for the friends and family who supported me, and for the coaches I partnered with when my focus, inspiration and energy were flagging.

In January 2014, we moved back to Prince Edward Island from Montréal to be close to family. The surprise silver lining has been how connected I feel to the local business community. It thrills me to help grow leaders and create employment in the local economy.

Being an executive coach is a passport to remarkable partnerships with amazing leaders. I get such a kick out of close relationships with self determined people who pursue freedom, mastery, accomplishment, contribution, creativity and value family above all.

Adding The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment to my toolkit has taken my coaching to a whole new level.  The LCP is a brilliant shortcut to the most powerful coaching conversations I have ever had.  These conversations can be game changers for leaders.

Coaching has had an incredible impact on me in business and life overall.  Each time I was baffled, bogged down or blind-sided by business, coaching has been my secret weapon to get unstuck, dream bigger and accomplish my heart’s desire.

If you are ready to examine your own leadership to live a life of mastery and contribution, driving business results and fulfillment for others, let’s talk now!

You can reach me via email (lisa@chandlercoaches.com) or give me a call at 902.314.0016.